Sunday, July 22, 2012

Instagram photo dump

This is just a photo dump post of a ton {or 24} pictures from my phone that haven’t made it to my blog yet.
  1. Belle feels the same way about doritos as her daddy!
  2. Playing sherriff at grandma’s house—Jackson sure has that mean face down!
  3. Chilling during break time at the pool.
  4. Oklahoma Joe’s—the best BBQ in town!
  5. I was so proud of my “initial pancakes”!! My mom used to make these for us!
  6. A total bookworm. He’s reading me the story—almost word for word.
  7. Storytime before bed.
  8. Cuteness!! Love that smile.
  9. Aunt Ashley and Iron making a cake
  10. The finished cake balls—Jackson helped with the whole process
  11. Never too early to start teaching the kids about laundry! {we made a trip to the laundry mat to wash our comforter}
  12. Holding baby Yooli. He loves babies!
  13. There’s a daddy underneath there somewhere!
  14. Jackson got the Queen Frostine card while I was still just a few spaces from the start. Needless to say, he won the game.
  15. Dried beans provided much entertainment for this gal!
  16. Jackson gets to drink an entire “sod-EE-pop” when he hangs out with Papa Johne.
  17. Squirt guns with Uncle Phil
  18. Belle was giving Uncle Phil quite the stink eye!! {in her defense, I had just woken her up from nap}
  19. Another rock concert with more free tickets from the radio station!
  20. Messy hands for a special project!!
  21. Girls night out gone bad. Car broke down. A bazillion degrees outside. Walked to Panera. Pushed car. Not a relaxing moment. :(
  22. We’ve enjoyed the 50¢ cones at BK too much!!
  23. Jackson performed in his first program at VBS…  and by performed, I mean he sat down and didn’t participate one bit.
  24. Walking through the grocery store with Optimus Prime!
Never a dull moment with us!! :)

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  1. Cute photos, you should swing by on Thursday for my Instagram party! So excited to find a new friend from Naptime Review!



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