Saturday, July 28, 2012

Video Dump

This post is mainly for my sister who is suffering through withdrawal from my kiddos being in California for the summer. But for your viewing pleasure, I thought I’d go ahead and share with all of you guys in case you want to take a break from watching the Olympics to soak up some of this cuteness.

Belle has been anti-sleep lately, but that also causes her to fall asleep while chewing…

{just so know you how anti-sleep this girl is—after I picked this girl up to put her to bed, she never went to sleep. This little pseduo-nap, all 15 minutes, was all she slept that day.}

Both of my kiddos love books. We read, and read, and read all the time. Jackson wanted to read Belle a story before naps one day and I caught it on my cell phone! {which is why the quality is terrible… but at least I captured it!}

While he may be a little difficult to understand {bad quality, whiney Belle, bad pronounciation… “for” = “Thor”}, he was pretty right on with the story! And for the record, the super hero he asked me about… that’s Falcon. I had to go look it up. I know I sound mean when I say, “I don’t know…” but I was really just trying to figure it out. Quite honestly, besides knowing his name, I have no idea who Falcon is.

And Belle likes to read books herself!

{bet you didn’t know Belle could speak Dinosaur!}

And this video is actually from March… Jackson is showing off his dance moves to LMFAO.

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