Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What’s that mean?

This is so my life.


I answer questions all.of.the.time. There are requests for snacks, candy, and tv continuously throughout the day. Most questions are asked at least 3 or 4 times each, even when an answer has been given.

Today we went to Target just to kill time before Derek got off work. I told him ahead of time that we were going to buy zero things {that’s a Jackson phrase} and yet he still asked throughout every single aisle, “Can I get this?”

The most common questions are, “What’s that mean?” and “Because why!?” Derek has been explaining lately that the phrases “copy/roger that” are the same as “yes/I understand” while I have spent most of yesterday and today explaining that “twice means two”. I have caught myself a time or two carefully planning my words in conversations with him and even just when he is in ear shot, just so I don’t slip one in that he’ll ask, “what’s that mean.” He needs to know what every single word means, even if I’m not talking to him and ESPECIALLY if Derek and I are talking in code.

And nothing is worse than the questions in which I don’t know the answer! Mostly they are about Autobots, Super villains, dinosaurs, and how things work.

I love Jackson’s inquisitive mind. He’s a sharp little boy. But whew… I really do feel like I’m playing 21 questions 5,424,349 times a day!

Last week, during VBS though, Jackson was asking great {albeit a lot!} questions about Jesus, the Bible, and Heaven. His wisdom of those topics at his young age nearly brought me to tears. Next time you see him, ask him about Heaven. He’ll get all excited and say, “Heaven is a place where Jesus lives! And when you love God, you get to go to Heaven when you die!” Oh, the faith of a child. I love it.

While I’m talking about VBS, this is Jackson’s recap of the story one day: “Daniel was with the lions. He had NO music, NO pillow, and no place to eat for THREE WEEKS(?)... but God and Jesus saved him. They were the superheroes.”

Lastly, I saw this today too and it too fit perfectly. Custom designed baby.304825_445928782106636_1996047488_n


  1. Love this!!! Jaidyn has amazing faith and true love for God! Its neat to watch :)

  2. Yes. The questions! Mommy can SO relate.

  3. SO funny!What a sweet kid! I know how you feel. Elisha says "what?" Like 5x after you tell him something and then "but why?"LOL!

  4. SO funny!What a sweet kid! I know how you feel. Elisha says "what?" Like 5x after you tell him something and then "but why?"LOL!


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