Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's true, I have converted.  I am now an member of the Apple family {though, sometimes I wonder if it's a cult}. Derek surprised me with a just because/going back to school gift on Sunday with a new MacBook Air!!!! 

People keep asking if I totally love it. And my answer is... I think I will. At this point, I'm just sort of lost. I've just always had a Windows computer so this new way of doing things takes some getting used too. There are just several things I have yet to figure out. And there are many habits I have to change--like looking in the upper right hand corner to close a window, looking for the status bar at the bottom of the screen, and using the arrows to scroll instead of the mousepad. So, give me some time and I'm totally convinced I'll love it.

And really-- any computer is better than my last and I'm being completely and totally serious. I wish I would've taken a picture before Derek took it down. It was the ghetto-ist looking get-up that you've ever seen.

We bought it for less than $300 when Jackson was a newborn. Despite being a laptop, it no longer could function as a portable computer. The battery went bad and only worked when plugged in. My keypad was missing nearly half the keys, so a plugged in keyboard was also necessary. The mouse pad also went bad, and thus required a mouse.

But it did still work. So my awesome hubby prolonged it's life by hooking it up to a monitor and it functioned basically as a desktop. A three year old, cheaply made, barely functioning piece of machine- but, like I said, it did work {albeit, very very slowly}. And I would have continued to use it.

Going from that hunk of metal to this barely-weighs-a-thing high end laptop is like trading in a early 1990s Ford Festiva and driving away with a Cadillac! Hopefully this transition from Windows to Apple won't disappoint.

I just felt the need to document my journey from Windows to Mac just to ensure that one day I can look back at the moment when I was converted. Who knows... maybe one day, I'll be the Apple fanatic that promised, "it's worth every penny and you'll never look back!"

Though the coolest thing of all, was upon setting it up for the first time, Derek ensured me that I don't even really need an antivirus program. Uhmc--- awesome! And Belle is equally excited about the webcam. Here's the first picture we took:

I am a little bit {okay, a lot} sad about not being able to use my Windows blogging software. I've only read a little bit about another program that costs $40! How do fellow Apple users blog? 

Also, I have a $100 gift card to the app market that was a special when Derek got the computer. What should I spent it on?!?


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