Monday, August 27, 2012

Crappy Weekend Recap

Despite having a house full of children today {five, actually}, today has been what every Monday should be, a nice calm day to recover from the weekend. Maybe that tells you a little something about my weekend.

To avoid being overly dramatic and an overall whiner, I don't want to dwell on the crapiness of the past few days. I'll try to sum it up real quick: Rain put a damper on our tailgating plans. I witnessed {worse: paid money to see} one of the worst football games EVER. Our van broke down on our sweet babysitter and was towed the next morning. Sensing me at my weak point, my children started acting like crazy people. My plans with friends on Saturday fell through. Lastly, since I was lacking my vehicle {and DVD player} and I was completely exhausted at this point-- my plans to travel to Springfield to attend a baby shower and to visit my sister got squished. Ugh. Did I mention that Derek was at drill? Double ugh.

In the midst of the obnoxiousness of the weekend, I did attempt to pull myself together. To calm down and focus on the positive things going on as well. Here's a few I came up with.

  • The rain let up and the weather was perfect for the game- even though the game itself was much less than perfect. Final score: 44-14. Ouch. But, we had a good time.

  • I ran into a guy I went to high school with at the Chiefs game and so I went up and said hi. He remembered my name, which was surprising because I never even knew the people in my brother's grade actually knew my name. I was always just "Phil's little sister" to that crowd. 
  • Jackson started singing along to a song on K-Love in the car on Saturday afternoon. It was his first time and it melted my heart as he was singing "I want to live like that" by the Sidewalk Prophets. 
  • I have fabulous in-laws who came to the rescue multiple times over the weekend-- even at 11pm on Friday night after I got home from the football game. My M-I-L has loaned us her vehicle while mine is out of commission. 
  • Missouri welcomed home 400 National Guardsmen this weekend from deployment. One is a friend from college. It made my heart happy to think of all of the joy the families were experiencing! 
  • At Walmart Jackson was pre-tantrum over riding in just a regular cart. And I simply said to him, "Mommy is having a really crummy day. I really need Jackson just to sit in this cart and to not make a fit. That will make Mommy's day much better and it will make me so happy for Jackson to obey." And guess what-- he did! I was so proud at that moment. 
  • Lastly, while we were at the store, I decided to let the kids pick out a toy each. I can count on one hand {two fingers, this weekend included} the times I've bought a toy for my kids from the store. I had a gift card that I got for participating in a research study and I'm glad I got to share it with them!

Jackson picked out a Super Hero Squad car with Spiderman and Hulk and I picked up a knock-off My little pony set for Belle. 

But they each spent more time playing with each other's toy! Crazy kids. 

Derek came home from drill earlier than expected and we even snuck out to a movie last night after church. We're ready for this week and then it's a three day weekend! Woo hoo! And believe it or not... it's my ten year reunion so we're headed back to my old stompin' ground. Craziness.  


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