Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fun Day

Today turned into an impromptu day of fun! Mostly fun anyway and that's what the pictures portray anyway. We won't discuss the relentless back talking three year old, the 20-minute-nap-is-sufficient one year old, and the endless whining from each of them for not wanting to leave/have more candy/not to take a nap/to buy bottled water/hold me/put me down.. and on and on. I love my kiddos, but whew... taking them to have fun is quite an exhausting feat. But, it was still a super fun day!

Last night {or early morning depending on how you categorize midnight} Elizabeth and I decided to meet up at Wonderscope so the kiddos can play and we can have adult interaction. It'd been over two years since we last visited! It's a pretty cool place and I'm not sure why we waited so long to go back!

Belle taking care of animals in the Vet room

and Jackson looked through the x-rays

Not surprisingly, admin was the most coveted spot in office.

Yay! We're coloring on the walls! {and not getting in trouble!}

And what is with these two-- we're at a museum, not at prom! What a cute picture though.

In the ball room...

Down the ramp...

And then on to the H2Oh room...

And the shadow making room-- they were making funny shadows on the wall. 

Then to the Farm room. Belle was picking cucumbers from the garden.

And she loved the shopping cart-- full of her fresh garden pickings!

Oh, and I got to spend some time snuggling with sweet Tenley!!

 And the kiddos enjoyed a picnic lunch. My child is probably the only child on the planet who'd rather trade his cheetos for grapes and luckily, Chacey was pleased with the system as well!

After lunch, they played for a bit longer and then came the drive home, which offered me my very first opportunity to pull the car off the highway to discipline my child. I suppose that's what I get for keeping him way up past his nap time in order to squeeze in some fun.

Then later this afternoon, after I scored some great garage sale finds {which is always very fun for me!} I decided we needed to take advantage of this cool weather--85 degrees-- and take the Belton Train ride that we've been meaning to do for the longest time! 

We were all pretty excited about the train ride, well except for Belle. She was a cranky pants {being that she refused to nap today}. This picture shows her little attitude!

Jackson loved looking out the window

And Belle lightened up as the evening went on...

And Friday night means ice cream on the train!! Delish!

I'm glad Jackson wanted to ride on the open-air train for the return trip back! It was a beautiful night and it was a pretty view!

Jackson and the conductor-- all the staff who run the museum/railroad are volunteers! They did a great job!

I love being able to take the kiddos to do fun things! Now if only I could take a day to recover and to get caught up on all my household chores that I didn't get around too doing... oh well. At least I have happy kids and fun memories. :)


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  1. whoa, that's amazing! you are a rockin' mom. spending all day making forts, playing in the rain and staying in your pjs is well worth the pile of laundry in my book. ;)


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