Sunday, August 5, 2012

Is it football season yet!?

I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics this past week... Go, Gabby! Yay, Michael Phelps! And I will continue to watch and cheer on the USA throughout this next week... but I am more than ready for football season to come around {and with it, the cooler weather too}!!

I purchased tickets to the Arrowhead Stadium tour for my dad for Father's Day! We just got around to going on the tour this Friday and it was really neat! Our tickets were for the Sea of Red tour and it was about 2 hours long. {Fortunately, I got the tickets with a Groupon so I didn't pay close to the new ticket price!}

Arrowhead Stadium-- the loudest stadium in the NFL!

Walking into the stadium, you pass over this play that's been carved into the concrete. The 65 Toss Power Trap is the play that won the Chiefs the Super Bowl back in

We started out viewing the suites on club level. I made sure to take a good look around because goodness knows that I won't ever be up here again {at least until I have $300,000 a season to dish out on football tickets}! This is where people can eat sushi and scallops during the big game, not nachos and hotdogs like the rest of us...


Here's the view from the suites. You can watch inside by the fireplace or even venture outside, and you can watch on the field or one of the several flat screens...

We made our way to all sorts of seats, suites, and clubs throughout the stadium. While there is an actual club that honors the American Football League and KC Chiefs founder, Lamar Hunt, there are tributes to his contribution to the sport and team throughout the entire stadium.

And we got to take a quick peek at the apartment {more like multimillion residence} inside the stadium. How awesome would it be to have the 40 yard line as your view from the back window? Lamar Hunt would reside here whenever he was in KC {he lived in Dallas}. It is now where Clark Hunt, his son and CEO of Chiefs, stays when he comes up from Dallas around approximately 118 days a year. 

We made our way down to the tunnel,

And onto the field!

We stopped by the press conference room

And to the locker room.

Next, we made our way up to the very top to the new additions added in 2010. This is the press box with 224 stations for reporters. This number is the minimum number required to host the super bowl and other national events. 

This is the room where the offensive and defensive coordinators can make the calls down to the field based on what they see from up here.

And here's the view from the Penthouse 12 stories up from the field. In this picture, you can kind of tell the field is lower than parking lot. Arrowhead is one of the only stadiums with the field below ground level--3 stories actually. 

Here Dad and I enjoy what will be our only visit ever to the Penthouse! Man, those seats are comfy!

And lastly, we stopped by the Hall of Honor. It's on the main concourse and it's actually open and free to look at on game days.

We got a good look at the Super Bowl trophy in 1970.

 We quickly browsed through the rest of the history, but I will certainly be sure to stop by and look for a longer amount of time the next time I make it to Arrowhead.  Here is Dad between his two all-time favorite Cheifs: Bobby Bell and Willie Lanier.

We had such a fun time! I really didn't expect to have see so much history in the stadium! There are also tours available for the newly renovated Kauffman Stadium {home of the Royals} that I might have to go check out too! Okay, so how much longer until football season??? 

What football teams or players do you love to root for?!


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