Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame

Taking Jackson to a Royals game was high on the list of things to do this summer and we finally made it happen last weekend. We met up with friends and had a great time.

Elizabeth snapped this photo of my family and it might be my new fave family pic!

Friday night games are the best-- it's buck night

and fireworks!

We joked that the entire evening seemed like a date for Jackson and Chacey. I'd love to say these photos were totally staged for cuteness sake, but it's not true.

The date even ended with a kiss. Jackson was content with chest-bump send off, but when Elizabeth told the kids to say good-bye, Chacey looked at Jackson and said, "give me a kiss." I made sure to mention that if a wedding is in the future these two, that we would fulfill the traditional role in paying for the rehearsal dinner and the rest was up to them. :)

Meanwhile-- here's what the rest of us were up to...

We browsed the museum before the game

Belle got to hold baby Tenley... and instead of being all sweet and gentle, she 'bonks' her nose. Ha. I'm so glad I was able to snap this shot. It wasn't quite what I was expecting to get, but it's just so cute. 

And Belle cheered for the home-runs!


And when she got antsy, we handed her a bag of cheetos to keep her occupied for awhile.

And when I tried to get a cute picture together, she was being a total stinker and she wouldn't put that tongue in her mouth...

So I joined her! Look at her dimple chin!

We won the game and the fireworks after the game were fantastic as usual. It was a perfect ballgame experience!


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  1. So much fun! And oh those pictures of Jackson and Chacey! PERFECT!


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