Friday, September 14, 2012

Car rides

Our car rides have been interesting lately. In the past two months both of our vehicles have gone in and out of commission and like Derek once said, "It just adds a little excitement wondering if we actually make it to our destination or not." Ha. :) Thankfully my dad and father-in-law are super handy and have helped out a bunch.

{currently, our wipers work on a mind of their own-- rain or shine. This was my view on our short trip to Springfield this weekend. At least they were just stuck and not moving.}

But more than just the vehicles, car rides with small kids add some flavor. 
  • Mom, are you going speedy? 
  • I want to pass that car, Mom!
  • Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, MaaaaaaMaaaaaa
  • Mom, what are electricity lines?
  • Why (insert anything)? 
  • (no words: just monotone, nasal-y whines, long and drown out}
  • Did you use your blinker, Mom?
  • Mom, turn your wipers on/off, faster/slower.
  • No, no, no, no, no.... NO 
  • Mom, Belle is saying no!
And this is what a successful {rare} road trip looks like

Now, all car rides are bad (like this one). There are those times of continuous giggles when my two children are entertaining each other. Those are my favorites. We spend a lot of car time talking about the events of each day, prepping for good behavior for whatever we are are about to do... But sometimes I'm exhausted by just driving to a destination. And a lot of times, car rides just make me hate my name... even though Jackson has made a habit lately of not only calling us Amy/Derek, but he's even getting casual and calling me Aim {a nickname people have used since childhood, mostly used by Derek these days.}. 

Derek and I are actually heading out in just a few minutes to go to a marriage seminar hosted by the army. We're hoping to have a good time! Not only are we getting a weekend away at a really cool resort in the Ozarks, but our three hour drive will be filled uninterrupted conversation and the only arguing will be over whether to listen to his music or mine {because we do not much enjoy each other's taste in music. Maybe the marriage seminar will help}. 

My parents are watching the kiddos... and are actually taking them on a 5 hour trip. :)

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