Friday, September 7, 2012

He's a funny kid!

Jackson is a funny, funny kid. I know most parents of three year olds say that, but seriously... this kid is funny. He makes everyone laugh. I've been "collecting" stories for awhile and so I wanted to share.

  • I went to check on Jackson in bed the other night. I was telling him how he needed to do a good job going to sleep so he could have a second chance at earning his ice cream the next day. His response, "I can smell you're already eating my ice cream." {in my defense, there was extra and I wasn't eating his ice cream.}
  • There as also a time that while Jackson was in a timeout in his room that I snuck in a spoonful of icing. Don't judge. k? Anyway, when he is done with a timeout, he always has to come talk with me to discuss why he was in timeout, etc. boring stuff. But this time when I got down on his level to ask, he said "Oh, Mom! You smell DELICIOUS!" note to self: the kid can smell sugar on your breath from a mile away.
  • Jackson's suggestion for a place to eat last weekend? ...  "I want to go to McDonalds. I haven't been there for 20,000 YEARS!" {we were there two days prior}
  • While we are on the subject, I asked Jackson one day about what he wanted for lunch. His reply, "I'd like chicken nuggets and french fries in a bag with a toy." Pfft. I think he has this kitchen confused.
  • Jackson frequently takes on a character and when he is in character, not only does he take it very seriously, but he refers to himself in the third person.. and I'm required to call him by the character name.... "Michael Phelps wants breakfast. Iron Man wants a drink. Spiderman wants to go play", " "Wolverine, please keep your hands to yourself.
  • Price Chopper is Jackson's favorite store. I'm not just making this up. He will tell you hands down that this grocery store is his favorite. One time Derek asked why it was his favorite and Jackson replied, "Well, I have an interesting hypothesis....." {that is all. end of conversation.}
  • He calls a grasshopper a "jumphopper" and the wagon is a "dragon."
  • Last week he was going around using the word "Spanish" as a synonym for for "cool." He was showing Derek his new toy and he said, "It's so Spanish!" Ha. Clearly, we haven't mastered being politically correct yet.
  • While "fixing" my hair one morning, Jackson commented "I need to brush it so that you can look pretty like Aunt Laura."
  • Jackson thinks that this is the Apple Store.

These two pictures are from a craft Jackson brought home from MOPS last Spring. The lesson was about following God's Word or something like that. The task was to trace/cut from one side and glue it to the other. Well, apparently, Jackson insisted that his dinosaur get included in the activity. So not only is Jackson enthused about following God's Word, but so is the dinosaur. Note: no other child in his class came home with dinosaur footprints.

And lastly, here's Jackson with some of his favorite animals. And his animals are no longer just "dogs" or "horses" or whatever. He has named them and they have had the same names for quite some time {unlike my childhood strategy of renaming dolls everyday}. I don't understand all of the names and I have tried to ask questions that can help me reference these names. Mostly, I have no idea. 

Pictured here: Frackle Trank {dog}, Muta or Amuta {horse}, Woof-o {dog}


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