Sunday, September 23, 2012

Imaginary baseball, among other things

We had a pretty fun week last week-- full of fun things I want to remember. Here's a quick recap!

On Monday, we took the kids bowling! This was Jackson's second time and Belle's first. It was a really nice family outing and it was buck night, so it cost us less than $10 for two games and shoes! Jackson is really into the game and of course we made a HUGE deal when he bowled an occasional strike or spare (with bumpers of course). After one frame as I was aiming for the remaining two pins, Jackson said, "But Mom, I'm not proud of you because you didn't knock down all of the pins like I did." As if losing to my son wasn't bad enough...

Belle "took score" during the first game!

After awhile, she was acting like she wanted to participate, so we payed for her to join in on the second game. She used this little contraption thingy; She giggled as it slid down and then when the pins would fall over she'd say, "uh oh!" That lasted about two frames. And then Jackson bowled the rest of the frames for her. He didn't mind.

On Wednesday evening, the kids and I walked to church! It was a nice walk. We stopped by the park on the way and as we passed the baseball fields, Jackson wanted to check it out. He really wanted to play even though we didn't have any equipment. So I suggested imaginary baseball and he loved it! We "played" for almost twenty minutes. I pitched, he hit and would run the bases. While this may go down as one of the most ridiculous things I've done as a parent, it easily makes my top ten favorite moments. It was just silly, impromptu, and fun!

He slid into home every time

His shirt says, "I make dirt look good." He sure was dirty!

One afternoon when I picked Belle up from her nap, she was in one of her "moods." Being the cruel mother that I am, I pulled out my phone to document all of the emotions that exist with this girl in the matter of mere five minutes. Whew! At least we ended on a positive note.

This photo isn't the greatest, but these two really began to play well together this weekend-- both parties were intentionally interested in playing along with the other. Normally, it's one-sided. It was so sweet to watch. Jackson and Belle are wrestling around here and Jackson is being so patient as Belle crawls all over him! And later that day, Jackson took Belle for a walk (in the driveway) while Derek and I worked on some yard work and we didn't even ask! I pray that these two will grow up to love, befriend, and take care of each other. Seeing them play well makes my heart happy. 

I hope your week/weekend was fabulous! And here's hoping for a great week to come! 

(Oh, and my fantasy football team completely blew Derek's team out of the water. I want to remember that too-- no photos. Just good memories.) :)


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