Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nineteen months

Dearest Belle,

I just can't believe you've grown into a full blown toddler. You're nineteen months now. I've decided it's time to now tell people your age in years instead of months. But somehow, the age 1 1/2 sounds so much older! I guess I just better get used to it. But one of these days if I feel like you're growing too fast, I'll revert back to aging you in months. Like, maybe we'll have a Sweet 192 Month party. ;)

{you were too busy saying, "truck, truck" to smile!}

Sweet girl, Mommy loves you too the moon and back. You are absolutely adorable and your cheeks are just so kissable! Your eyes are still completely stunning and you're little lips are just so sweet. You have the cutest little button nose. And your giggles-- they just melt my heart. 

As much as I love you, Daddy nailed it when he diagnosed you with a bit of "princess syndrome." Oh girl, you have come equipped with a teenage amount of attitude in your tiny little body. Some days I don't even know what to do with you!! This drama is unprecedented! One moment you are the sweetest little angel and then the next moment you've brought out the furrowed brow, angry eyes, and pursed lips. Good thing it's cute and we can normally just chuckle about it. This attitude won't be so cute at 16, so let's work on toning it down a bit, K? 

Let's talk about Jackson. You idolize that boy. You follow his every move and your feelings are so hurt when he closes his door so you can't play with him. I love when you guys make each other laugh, though it probably means that one (or both) of you is doing something naughty. Sometimes I just let it happen because I love the relationship you guys have. You love to say the word, "no" over and over much to Jackson's annoyance and eventually, you'll guys get into a little argument and I say almost daily, "Kids, quit saying NO to each other!" 

You are an EXCELLENT sleeper. Oh my. You've been sleeping through the night for who knows how long and I don't think you've woken up through the night since November. At home, that is. When we're sleeping somewhere else, you're a terrible sleeper. Co-sleeping is a nightmare. I swear to never leave the house without a pack and play ever again. Sometimes you like to pretend you're not tired for nap, but you don't hide it well. It's evident when you start "playing" nap and putting your head on a pillow or saying "night, night" that you're ready for sleep. Even though I'll try to cuddle and rock you before nap or bed, you're just not interested at all. Not counting your newborn stage, you've only fallen asleep in my arms once (at 4 months when you were sick). You just can't help but wiggle and chat if I'm holding you! 

You're a very good eater. Well, I mean, you'll eat just about anything. Now, your moods come and go. Sometimes you'll eat everything on your plate and other times you'll throw the same foods on the floor. Most of the time, you're very easy to please. But you do insist on using a fork. And you do insist on feeding yourself. But you aren't very good at getting the food on the fork, so often times at dinner, I have to get the food on the fork and hand it to you for every bite. 

At your doctor appointment last week, you earned a clean bill of health. And the doctor even said you were smart enough to start implementing time-out. Lucky you! :) You are a sharp little girl. You can sing along to the ABCs and you can count to ten when you want to. You know a bazillion words (probably 70+) and lots of animal sounds. You're in the stage when you say a word, you'll say it over and over (and over and over) until we say it back to you. It's cute. You've recently started to say, "I love you" which is pronounced "E-oh-oo"... which then reminds you of "E-I-E-I-O" and so once you say "I love you" you progress into sining Old MacDonald. 

You love having your fingernails painted and you quazi-sit still for me to paint them. After they are painted, you'll show everyone your "pre-ee" (pretty) nails. You also say, "pre-ee" every day after I get you dressed for the day. You do love having a bow in your hair, but you'll also rip it out just a few minutes after I do your hair. And you're a shoe girl for sure. It was one of your first words, and you love to pick out shoes to wear. My little girly-girl. 

This has gotten so long! But I could just go on and on!! You're our little princess, even if you do have a case of princess syndrome from time to time. We'll keep you. And Daddy is working to make sure you're treated like a princess so you'll never settle for less. 
  • One notable time at dinner, you bawled your eyes out over dinner, sobbing "pizza, pizza" instead of eating your plateful of whatever we were having that night. I eventually took you to your bed and let you cry in your crib so we could have a somewhat peaceful meal. (and eventually you were hungry enough to settle for our non-pizza meal)
  • On a long drive, we often let you and Jackson watch a movie. Daddy and I were wanting to have some conversation, so we let Jackson have the headphones so we wouldn't have to listen to Toy Story through the radio. However, you narrated the whole movie using words I never, ever even knew you knew. "Bzzz, Bzzz" "Sheriff" "Jackson" (for Andy or Sid), "pig", "Drink."
  • Your ideal play set-up would be having an adult (mostly me) give you 100% undivided attention to watch you play by yourself. However, once the attention isn't on you, then you become 100% clingy.
Grammy and Papa say that you remind them exactly of me-- your looks (besides your blue eyes-- those are from Daddy), your combination of sweet and ornery. So who knows if that's a blessing or curse, but one thing is for sure, you are loved to pieces. Strangers stop to tell me how cute you are and at MOPS this morning, I had no less than five people comment on just how adorable you are! It never gets old. 

We love you lots and lots, Baby Girl, but remember always-- Jesus loves you more. :)

Love, Mommy and Daddy

This is a normal case of bed head in the morning.

And this is a normal case of obnoxiousness-- when I try to take a picture, she immediately puts her head to the side so I have to do a circus act just to get a normal picture!

This is Belle "counting" Grandma's fingers, just like her big brother was doing.

This is "peek-a-boo"

And this is at the doc appointment. Such an ornery smile. 

And I knew I was planning on doing this post today, so I made sure to snap a shot of you. Nineteen months plus one day! Those curls-- oh you're just so cute!! 


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