Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patching

Going to the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite things about fall! 

Each year, we've gone to a different patch and it's been fun to explore and do the different activities at each one! Yesterday morning, we piled in the van with Grandma Linda, Grandpa Forrest, and Great Grandpa and drove out to Pleasant Hill. Thanks to the Groupon deal I scored earlier in the week, admission was cheaper for all six tickets than it would be for just three at other places around town (Belle is still free). We packed a lot of fun into budget friendly fun!! WARNING: There are A LOT of photos ahead! 

The kids enjoyed their first teeter-totter experience!

Jackson climbed the mountain of hay!

... and enjoyed jumping into a pile of more hay!

The corn box was Belle's favorite. 

The zip line was Jackson's favorite. He rode it at least a dozen times!

We checked out a few animals.

My family-- a bunch of turkeys!!

The drought of this year really affected the corn crop and subsequently, the quality of the corn maze... but we had fun anyway (and it was a little easier since we could see over the stalks!). Jackson led the way and successfully navigated us through the smaller maze!

Meanwhile... this girl cried the whole time because we left her stroller at the entrance because it was a nightmare to push through maze. Turns out, it was a nightmare listening to her whine and cry too, though it was honestly the lesser of two evils. 

See-- I was there too! :)

The kids enjoyed the barrel train ride.

And we all went for a hay ride!

These bouncy horses are a lot harder to race than it may look!

This photo of Belle and Derek is mid fall! :)

Jackson picked out a "just right" pumpkin and Belle picked out a cute little one. We visited all of the attractions, then ate a picnic lunch, and then let the kids go back to their favorites! Belle chose the corn and Jackson chose the zip line. The weather was perfect and we all just had a great time. And I know the grandparents had almost as much fun as the kiddos!

 Happy Fall!! What are your favorite fall traditions? 


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