Monday, October 15, 2012

Laugh so you don't cry

You know those times when you find yourself laughing, and then you realize that what you're laughing about really isn't all that funny... but yet, laughing is the best way to not cry about it?? Yeah, well, that was the kind of day I had.

Today actually started out great! I was productive-- Two week meal plan, check! Grocery list completed, check! Successful trip to grocery store with three kids, check! Groceries put away, lunch served, dinner started, check! And this was all before noon!!

My children were a little bit on the difficult side today. I absolutely love them, but today was rough. Belle whined at my feet 80% of the time she was awake and Jackson's behavior led to his blankets to be taken away by 4pm. We painted special pictures after a non-existent nap time and Jackson was being so uncooperative. I decided to just stop everything and sit with him because I simply could not figure out why he was so difficult today. And then he promptly threw up on my lap.

Yeah, that can be listed as the grossest thing that has every happened to me.

So then I really stopped everything to cuddle with the poor guy. Derek came home and I was waaaay behind on dinner. He took over entertaining kids while I worked on dinner. He then came up to me to ask about the new LinkedIn update for the app on his phone.

In which I replied:
I've never signed up for LinkedIn. I don't really have any 'professional contacts' these days and my current job skills include walking over whiney toddlers and getting vomit on my lap.
(for those family members of mine who aren't sure what LinkedIn actually is-- it's a social network for professional occupations. Read more here}

And then I laughed for the first time all day. It's so much more fun to laugh than to cry anyway. And my hubby had the sweetest reply, "Yeah, you should really get paid more {or even, at all} for what you do." I love what I do. Some days are just more awesome than others. {today I seriously considered moving to Canada to take advantage of their stay-at-home-mom paycheck}

But like I tell Jackson, tomorrow is a different day and we'll start over brand new. The week can only get better from here, right!?

Please tell me that you've had laughing-so-you-don't-cry-days too! I'd love to hear them!



  1. Girl, I feel like we had (mostly) parallel days. (Minus the throw up) I even had a LinkedIn conversation that made me question the "professionalism" in my life. Piper whined nonstop, and Kylie had her lovies taken away at bedtime. Let's cheers over coffee this morning and pray today is better for both of us! :)

  2. Oh friend! I'm glad you were able to laugh, and I hope Jackson is feeling better! But yeah, those laughing so that you don't cry days are the worst!


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