Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Outdoors and Up High

It's definitely cooling off around here, but that's not keeping us indoors. We enjoyed a trip to the park on Sunday. Derek was running the trail and I played with the kiddos. We explored the outdoors and eventually they found their way up in a tree.

After being told not to pick off the bark, Jackson asked, "Why?" (not surprising). I explained to him that the bark was like the tree's skin and it keeps the insides safe. He then asked if the tree had a heart and when I explained that it didn't he said, "But Mom, trees need love too!" :) 

But anyway, ever since he found his way up that first tree-- we've been climbing every single day. This whole situation is surprising to me as he's a pretty cautious kid, but he loves to take off and he'll climb higher than my reach.

I love that in this day of electronics and gadgets, television and netflix, and toys galore-- that my son's new favorite activity is to climb trees. He's collected many scrapes throughout the climbs and he even experienced a fall (a short one)... but he climbed right back up! 

When did my little boy get so big?!? I can barely believe he is turning FOUR in just a matter of weeks. 


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  1. Holy crap I love that first picture! Perfect!


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