Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The final post of birthday shenanigans

Okay, here's the last post about Jackson's birthday. After his super hero birthday party on Saturday afternoon, we made our annual trip to Fritz's at Crown Center (the place where you call in your order and a train delivers it to you!). Chacey got to tag along and that was really special for him!

We had a family birthday party for Jackson on Sunday afternoon--which was his actual birthday. We had cake, ice cream, and of course, more presents.

Here's a quick run down of some of his presents that we (and family) got Jackson. He had some specific requests that he had been asking for, even PRAYING for, so we enlisted grandparents to fulfill his little boy desires. And boy, was it so much fun watching him open his presents. This year was fun to plan because it was almost like a graduation into big kid toys!

He opened Optimus Prime first. This is a "little kid" version of Transformers, so it's not too complicated. He really wanted to play with it, but he wanted to open other presents too, so he kept Optimus really close so he could watch. The Spiderman airplane was Jackson's first official request and to say he was thrilled when he opened it is a true understatement. After presents were done and it was time for cake, Jackson wasn't leaving these guys behind-- they had to join us too!

Daddy picked out a special Iron Man toy. He talks and shoots missiles. I'm not sure who likes the toy more-- Jackson or Daddy.

This was his "big gift". But I found it a few months ago online for a mere $15-- making it cheaper than most of his other gifts. Plus it came with a bunch of extras! 

The thing that Jackson actually prayed about was receiving the Cars 2 DVD. Great Grandpa made it happen and I really, really wish I would have been recording his reaction. He unwrapped it and squealed with delight and his voice got up in octaves that I didn't even know he had. It was so fun to watch!

Jackson also got some puzzles (we've done them all), games, a giant Super Hero Squad coloring book, a bubble machine, action figures, and even a Spiderman toothbrush (that he is very excited about!). He was totally spoiled! One friend gave Jackson a big box of wood scraps, wood glue, and some paint! It was the neatest thing.

He did receive a few items he already has, so we exchanged them and he picked out Bumble Bee and some more Batman action figures for his Bat Cave. Since that moment, Optimus and Bumble Bee have been with Jackson as all times. He even takes them to the bathroom "so they can watch." He always wants to take them with us when we leave, but I have convinced him that they are needed here at the house to keep the bad guys away. It's worked so far. 

But I noticed something today as we were getting ready to run an errand. The kids were in the car and I glanced over behind our flower bed to see Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee placed so perfectly to keep watch of our house. Jackson pulled the blinds a little and placed the Transformers behind a bench so they could see. 

If this attachment to Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee continues, I'm going to have to create some sort of acronym because it is getting ridiculous to type that out each time. 


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  1. I don't know if my comment posted correctly....but I absolutely LOVE the font you used for Jackson's name! How do I get it? I would love to use this next week when my daughter turns 3! Thank you in advance! (kristeen30@yahoo.com)


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