Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Pics

A few weeks ago had some family pictures taken! I've had the CD for awhile, but it's taken me awhile to get them on my computer so I can share! The kids were about 7% cooperative this particular afternoon, so it's a miracle that we even got a few good ones. Photos were taken by Dani Gillihan Photography (the same gal who took our awesome Halloween pics!).

My fave

Notice Jackson's face? This was his expression most of the shoot...

When Jackson wouldn't cooperate at this pose, Belle was MORE than pleased to step in and do it. 

We got a few silly smiles out of this kid. This is his "smile for the camera" smile.

I love when she touches my face to get my attention. 

I love this pic of Derek and me too! :)

And these two shots reminded me of some family photos we had taken three years ago. 



I just can't get over how big he has gotten! In the first pic, he was so little that we had to bend down to hold his hand! And now, he's so tall and practically graduating from high school. :)



I love our little family. Thanks for the great pics Dani. 



  1. Don't you just love the "toddler smile" years. I'm in the absolute midst of them right now and it feels like they'll never end!


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