Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day!

So I'm a little late, but the message is the same-- we are so thankful for our veterans and everything they (and their families) have sacrificed to make our country great. I'll share some words that were spoken to me from a soldier friend just recently, "I wish people showed their appreciation more than just on this day and Memorial Day." Those were tough words to hear, but I'm sure these are feelings felt by many. While I am always grateful for the work our service men and women do for our country, I may not always be so great at expressing my appreciation. May our words and actions continually show respect and gratitude for these men and women so that no veteran can feel that way. 

We celebrated our favorite soldier yesterday. He dressed in his Class A's for church and boy did he look handsome. And at least a dozen ladies told me so. :) I overheard one lady tell another this morning about the men who dressed in uniform at church yesterday and how special it was to see. I haven't experience a prouder moment than when I get to stand by him in uniform. Jackson was pretty proud too. 

And this morning, we met up with Great Grandpa for our annual Veteran's Day breakfast at Hy-Vee! The food was of course delicious, but I enjoyed getting to explain to Jackson that the breakfast was to celebrate all of the men and women who keep our country safe! He was mostly concerned that no one was wearing soldier clothes...

Just for fun, here's the last two Veteran's Day pics!





  1. I love that picture with Jackson and his daddy! Thank you to your husband and your whole family for all you guys do!


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