Friday, November 9, 2012

Jackson Date Night

Tonight was so much fun. It was probably the most fun I've had in a long time. Belle is staying the weekend with Grammy and so Derek and I threw together an impromptu "Jackson Date Night" full of Jackson's favorite things! Upon hearing the news Jackson replied, "What!? I have never been on a date before!!" He was pretty pumped. 

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings (one of his top three favorite restaurants). We even sat at an "up-high" table because we can't normally do that with Belle.

There was lots of silliness tonight! Jackson is really into taking funny pictures and thumbing through them later. 

We ordered some mozzarella sticks. He stretched every piece as fas as he could before taking a bite. 

And then we went to the movies! Or as Jackson likes to call it, "the place with the BIGGEST TV EVER!" (aside from Wal-Mart). Really those were his words. He asked if we could get a big movie screen at our house. Ha. Keep wishing, buddy. (You too, Derek...)

We saw Wreck It Ralph, which was really a pick out of the blue. I just looked at the PG movies and it seemed like the best option. It was a super cute movie and I'm not sure who liked it more-- Jackson or Derek! It incorporates lots of characters from several video games from Derek's childhood and he was hooked from the beginning. I imagine we will own it someday. Whether it's a purchase for Derek or Jackson is up in the air, but either way, we recommend the movie. :) (there were some parts that seemed intense for a 4 year old. Jackson was fine, but there was a little girl down the row who cried at one part.)

We had so much fun tonight getting to spend some much needed, positive, alone time with our little buddy. He probably needed it as much as we did. He's grown up to be such a need little person! 

And while I know he relished in the undivided attention, he kept saying, "We're missing a person! Can we go to Grammy's to go get Belle??" :)


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