Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Parenting Perspective

This was one of those days. Actually it's been one of those weeks. Let me just say, parenting is HARD!!! Over the past few days every. single. thing. is a battle. Last night, especially.  Tears, tears, and more tears (most of them aren't mine) all. day. long. Whew. You know it's a bad night when I was wishing I could be watching political commercials on repeat instead of this whole mothering business.

Naptime was golden today. It was much needed and mandatory. I didn't do one productive thing; I took some time to relax. I curled up on the couch and simply prayed to make it through the day. Belle woke up only after a very short time and I could tell by her demeanor that she really didn't get all the sleep she needed. I snuggled with her. Even though I wanted to be taking my own nap, I rocked her until she fell back asleep. And I enjoyed it because I can count on one hand the number of times that's ever happened in her life.

I did get a few more moments to myself and eventually Jackson came in to sit with me on the couch. We both resolved to start over "brand new" (as we say in this house) to move forward with the rest of the day. Jackson asked me what his shirt said, and when I told him he asked "so I should dance with flip flops."

Oh, the literal mind of a child. He made me smile. These are the moments I live for as a mommy and these are the things I love to blog about-- the things I want to remember.

The rest of the day went well. Fortunately today was a double dose of church (MOPS this morning and Bible Study tonight) because goodness knows I sure needed it-- both the Bible teaching AND the kid-free time. My kids weren't perfect and even though Jackson was thisclose to earning his sticker reward his decisions prevented that from happening. It was still disappointing and frustrating, but I realized that I was different. I was calm and collected, kind and gracious. That certainly wasn't happening earlier in the day/week.

I was reminded today that every bad decision our children make is a chance for me to offer grace and forgiveness, just as Christ does for us. What about the times I disobeyed God's commands? And how must God feel when we whine, complain, and battle every single plan he has in our lives? As God's children, He welcomes us with open arms despite our sin. And this is how we must parent our own children. This perspective changes the entire perspective of parenthood-- and that changes everything.

In good days and bad, I am so happy to be Jackson's and Belle's mommy. I'm thankful for God's grace on my life and I pray that I can extend the same to my children so that one day, they can experience God's goodness for themselves. And THAT is what parenting is about.


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