Monday, November 5, 2012

The end of daylight savings

Those who say that the end of daylight savings means "getting an extra hour of sleep"-- they don't have young kids. It's more like "getting to spend an extra hour of quality time with your children before it's breakfast time". On top of the time change, this weekend was a state wide training exercise for the National Guard. So, it seemed like a great time to go visit my parents. And because my dad regularly gets up before the sun, he got up with my kiddos and I really did get an extra hour of sleep. Best decision ever.

And during my time of extra slumber, Papa actually painted Belle's fingernails. Apparently, he couldn't say 'no' when she carried the polish to him and said, "hands, hands". I told him-- "I hope you got a good look at those fingers you just painted because those are the very same fingers that you are wrapped around!" It makes me chuckle to imagine a man who can build houses from the ground up and can overhaul any engine sitting there trying to patiently paint a tiny, moving target just to make her nails pretty.

I rolled out of bed at 9am, but then we got to work! Look how much we helped Papa Johne get his basement ready for drywall!

Okay, so some of us were more help than others, but the kids and I helped clean up and sweep. I even got to use some power tools. The kids were a mess from head to toe. But they had fun. And so did Papa. We waited around for Grammy to get off work and we got to enjoy a few minutes with her before we came back home to see Daddy. The kids are back to their normal sleeping schedule.

Though Jackson did find a new place to nap today-- inside his closet.


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  1. Definitely no extra hour of sleep in our house! Those purple nails are cute! My 2 yr old loves her toe nails painted and then she'll hold her feet up at the dinner table to show everyone her "pretty" toes!


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