Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Officially Documented

The number one thing I love about my blog is the documentation of many events and stories from our lives. I'm able to keep up with most major events and activities on here with the occasional updates about the kiddos. This post is just a documentation of miscellaneous {and rather non-blog-worthy} aspects from our life in 2012, but yet together I like it as a snapshot of our life over the past year. 

{With the exception of Revolution, Sons of Anarchy, Amazing Race, and Survivor-- 
the rest were all watched courtesy of Netflix. It's better than cable any day!}

{We watch A LOT of movies, so for the sake of time and space we narrowed it down to our favorites 
...and meet the criteria for recommendation-to-parents-and/or-grandparents.} 

{This was the first year I started reading digital books! I still prefer an actual book,
 but I read several titles that I "checked out" from my library to my Nook.}

{If you're from Kansas City, then you can understand why the BBQ gets it's very own category!! 
If not, you need to come visit and you'll understand. It's the best BBQ you'll ever have.}

{Derek is pleased to have a car that actually runs plus it's the first car he's ever owned from the current century! And even though the car was used, I wasn't completely convinced that we needed an actual 2012 vehicle. But once I looked at it as "Jackson's first car" then it started to make more sense. We'll throw a bow on it in 2024 for his 16th birthday.}

{Poor Belle, she didn't go on many "individual" trips. Probably because she's sleeps about as good as
 a newborn with an ear infection if she's not in her own bed.... maybe next year!}

{Derek says he's not a fan of playing games, but he sure in an expert at those "unconventional" games!}

{And for the first year ever, all of our personal computers run on non-Windows operating systems. Derek's run on Linux and I converted to Mac this summer.}

What this post lacks in entertainment and cute photos of the kids, makes up for in "official documentation" so that in ten years we can look back and be all like, "O.M.Gee! Remember cell phones?! Pfft... that's so 2012! These days all of our communication devices implanted right into our bodies!" and "I can't even remember what it was like to have a car that didn't drive on it's own... let alone one that had a manual transmission! .... Life was so barbaric in 2012". :)

Happy New Years Folks!


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  1. I totally love your unconventional games! This actually made me giggle and spit coffee all over myself. :)


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