Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas morning

I'm still recovering from my Christmas hangover {and doing my best to adjust to start working full time next week}, but I still wanted to share some of my favorite photos from our wonderful Christmas. I have so many great pics that I'm going to share just our Christmas morning pictures today and then the rest of the Christmas events and celebration photos tomorrow!

I feel as if I should mention that my kids slept in on Christmas morning... how long they would have slept is a mystery as it was my husband who insisted on waking the family up for presents! Like, he set an alarm. His motto "the more time you're awake on Christmas, the more time you have to celebrate the magical day." I don't stand a chance to ever sleep in on Christmas morning for the rest of my life. But that being said, I can appreciate his enthusiasm. 

I didn't snap any pictures, but we read the Christmas story from Luke before we got started. Belle wouldn't stay seated and Jackson was pretty distracted, so it wasn't a tender-loving moment, but we did it nonetheless! 

Christmas morning!

 Belle's Santa gift
{I scored this set off Craigslist for $10 this fall!}

Jackson's Santa gift
{I picked up this big matchbox city also this fall for $15!}

Both of the kids were so excited about the oranges in their stockings!

While I never want the focus to be just no gifts, I like to document some of the gifts just so I can look back and remember someday. So just for memories sake, here's a quick run down of Christmas presents. Both of the kids got some much needed new bath toys. Jackson got a Tag Reader, a winter hat with gloves, along with some Cars figurines, Mater and Francesco. Belle got a Repunzel doll with a matching dress up outfit and a Minnie mouse phone. The kids got me some new dish towels and a hot pad mitten. They picked out new pens for Derek and I got him a new computer monitor. And look at my awesome new necklace! To say I love it is simply an understatement! It easily goes down as one of my favorite Christmas presents.

Watching the kids on Christmas was so much fun this year! I got some great videos too. I consciously decided to only take pictures for a little bit, so I could be present and just enjoy the moment. But that also means that I didn't get any pictures of Derek and me. It's probably for the better, really... opening gifts was pre-shower and it wouldn't have been pretty! :)


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