Thursday, December 20, 2012


Jackson has been soooo anxious to get some snow. Me too, actually. As much as I've enjoyed the 60 degree weather that has been popping up lately, Christmas is just more Christmasy when it's white outside! Jackson was SO excited to see the snow out the window this morning. He said, "What the HECK?! Mom, can you believe this?!?"

He was ready to go play outside as soon as he got out of bed. I managed to get him to wait a couple of hours so it could warm up a little bit, but we were out before 11:00 this morning. Both of the kids were SO full of joy to be out in the snow!

The first thing Jackson did was to pick up a pile of snow and throw it at me. 

But I convinced him to throw the snow up in the air instead. :)

This was Belle's first "real" snow. Last year we only got one little dusting of snow in January! She is a definite fan!

The kids had fun digging up snow and making footprints all over the snow. But the favorite activity was making snow angels! I'm not even sure exactly how Jackson knew how to make one, but he was a professional! Belle, well, not so much. As soon as she saw Jackson laying down, she wanted to do the same. But when I told her to move her arms, she just wiggled them in the air. I wish I could've gotten it on video.

It was so funny watching Belle walk around in her coat. If you've ever been to a Royals game and watched the hotdogs race, then you've seen Belle running around with her coat; it was like she couldn't bend at the waist. She'd just fall over and roll around like a log. I hope it snows more this winter so we can play in the snow some more. I loved their excitement!

Lastly, I'll share a video I took of the kids this morning when they were so excited first see the snow. It took a completely different turn than I expected...


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