Saturday, January 5, 2013


As soon as I heard that the Great Clips near us was offering a $4.99 haircut sale, I took Jackson right in! He wasn't in desperate need of a cut as I did some trimming work just last month, but I wanted to go ahead and take advantage of the sale to get a nice short haircut. I hate to be so cheap, but spending $15 often for a kid haircut just seems crazy. 

Belle liked watching Jackson get his haircut and then requested, "my turn!" The stylist noticed my little freak-out at the request, but she insisted that cutting off the baby hair will help her hair not to tangle and for the curls to lay nicer. So we decided to go ahead with a tiny trim! I was expecting Belle's first haircut to take place, so I didn't have my real camera with me... so I only have cell phone pics {with no flash because my battery was nearly dead}.

 Jackson wanted to turn to watch Belle. He was pleased to show her how to do a good job.

It was a sight unseen...Belle sat so still!! 

Daddy collected her first clippings!

Cutting off a just teeny-tiny bit...

{this is generally what happens when I ask Belle to take a picture. She runs to a corner and hides...}

I finally got a pic... and see?! Her curls perked right up! 

So that's all the good news!

The bad news. Okay it's not terribly bad news... just not ideal news....

Bangs. Not a fan of bangs. But apparently when you take a moment to instagram a photo during the haircut, you don't notice when the lady starts cutting bangs. But the time I noticed, it was all done and cut. Lesson learned. NO INSTAGRAMING DURING HAIRCUTS. 

She's still as cute as ever and when they are brushed to the side, you can't really notice. Every girl has a story of a bad hair cut, so maybe this will be the worst for her! (Mine, you ask? It was definitely in 8th grade when the stylist made me look like Monica Lewinsky. That was awesome....}

And check out this cute little certificate they have for first haircuts?! 

I remember taking Jackson in for his first haircut and it feels like just the other day. I can't believe it was two years ago! We were getting ready to go visit Derek to see his graduation from basic training! And one thing I just noticed-- both kids got their first haircuts the month before their second birthday! 

Yes, you read that right. Belle is turning TWO next month. My baby is barely a baby anymore. Someone hold me!


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