Monday, January 28, 2013

January heat wave

We enjoyed a warm 73 degree day today. The temperature actually set a record high and we enjoyed a nice day outside! It was weird to let Bumble Bee* walk to the park in shorts in January, but it really was a nice day! The only reason the kids wore jackets is because I thought I might be judged by other moms if we showed up without them! "They quickly came off pretty quickly as they started running around!

*My first born child has requested that I not call him by his name, but to refer to him as Bumble Bee all day and so I figured it appropriate to do so here as well. Also, see video at the bottom.

Swings always come first!

And then the monkey bars. Notice Belle in the background...

She got up that rock wall pretty fast... I kinda wish she had a healthy fear of gravity.

And then Bumble Bee climbed to the top of the wall. 

I love these two pictures if only because it really reminds me of life with these two kiddos-- Where ever Bumble Bee is, Belle is only a step or two behind.

The lighting is weird-- but I love it! Belle loves slides!

After an hour, we headed home and the kiddos had a picnic lunch on the backyard!

This weather couldn't have come at a better time! I worked my hours at work to be off on Mondays and Bumble Bee was super sick this weekend-- we needed a day out. Not sure what sort of bug came he picked up, but it was bad! His fever was higher than it's ever been (103.7 underarm!) and he had headaches and hallucinations. It was crazy. Thankfully that's over.

And here's a super short video of Jackson "pumping" on the swings-- a new skill! And of course, Belle joins in too! :)

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to call my son by the name we gave him. We'll see. He might be Iron Man or something. I never know. But one thing is for sure-- a day with these two is never boring!


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