Thursday, January 24, 2013

Laying Down Games

Can I get a big shout out to laying down games? You know... the ones where the parents are tired, so they find a place to lay down and even though the kids are wallering all over you (and thinking it's the funnest game ever) it's still wonderful to not be doing anything else?! We had a laying down game kind of night. :)

{yup! There's a daddy under there somewhere!}

Oh, and notice this bandaid? It's the third replacement for a "paper cut" last week that still hasn't healed. {also known as, absolutely nothing ... but Jackson insists on wearing it and goes to great lengths to protect it as if it really was injured somehow.} 

And Belle confirmed tonight that the birthday present I picked up for her already will be perfect-- dress up clothes. She is always putting on extra items of clothing (last week, she put on a pair of Jackson's underwear!) and tonight was no exception. All of the following pics were taken within one hour. 

{It was humorous to hear him pleading with our not even two year old daughter... "Where are my shoes???"  She sent Derek on a wild goose chase. "In shoe bucket."... "In thathroom".... "front room".... "Jackson's shoe bucket." Ha. He eventually found them by the book bucket.}

So, yay for laying down games and just fun family nights in the evenings! One more day of work and then it's Family Day! I promise we won't play laying down games ALL day on Saturday.... but I make no promises before the 8:00 hour. ;)


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