Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sesame Street Live

Thursday evening we took the kids to see Sesame Street Live, which is basically as it sounds... basically a live episode of the tv show. We dressed the kids up their Elmo apparel and headed out to "skyscraper town"as Jackson likes to refer to downtown. We ate at the Whopper Bar before we made our way to the Sprint Center.

We arrived early to check out the play zone!

Hanging out in Big Bird's nest!

A quick visit with Grover.

Of course, we had to visit the star of the show... Elmo! 

And Jackson took a quick minute to play on Elmo's piano...
"La-la, la-la, La-la,-la Elmo's World..."

We found our seats and waited! 

And just one photo to prove I was there too! :)

And once this started....

My kids were mesmerized.

I wish I could have bottled up Jackson's excitement. I swear, I will never forget his amazement. Although we had told him we were going to see Elmo, he really had no idea what we doing. And when the cast came on stage; he just could barely believe it. He looked at me with a the biggest smile possible and said, "Mom! I love it!" Oh, it was so wonderful. 

Murray was there with the letter of the day.

After all of that fun... it was time to say good-bye. Literally. The kids both waved and said good-bye!

It was such a fun thing to do! Jackson said his favorite thing the singing. And I tried to ask Belle if she had fun, but she replied in typical Belle fashion with "no." But I know better. She sat so perfectly still, that's how I KNOW she had fun. Great Grandpa, Derek, and I... we all enjoyed the show too. But I bet we can all agree that the best part was seeing the kids so happy.


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  1. We're going in a few weeks - I hope Cole likes it as much as your kids did!


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