Sunday, January 13, 2013


Today's topic is socks. It is seemingly random, but in my attempt to bring back the essence of our "everyday life" to my blog (as opposed to just milestones and big events), this is par for the course.

So the other evening {after wearing the socks for a full day} Jackson sat on the couch and started crying. Why, you ask??? His socks matched.

{For the record, he picked his own socks. I blame the crying outburst 
on the fact that he's still adjusting to not napping while he's over at Miss Beth's.}

Generally speaking, socks don't match in this house. 

The root of this norm dates back to Julie and her friend Chelsea who is now one of our wonderful babysitters. Upon witnessing these two girls wear mismatched socks, Jackson insisted that HE wanted to wear mismatched socks... like to the point of actual lengthy discussions "But Chelseeeeeaaaaa!" After finding random socks throughout the house because he was dissatisfied with his matching pair, I eventually decided to quit fighting a battle that really wasn't worth fighting! Turns out to be one of the best decisions in my life.

I'm not even kidding.

Laundry is the bane of my existence and folding socks is just the nail in the coffin. Once I embraced the whole concept of mis-matched socks, my life became a million time easier! No folding socks for this girl. I collect the socks from the laundry and put them in the drawer! No big collection of matchless socks cluttering my floor waiting for the match to be found. The whole concept is rather liberating.

Since I am still mostly in control in what Belle wears {she can be mighty opinionated at times}, I chose two of the same TYPE of sock, even if isn't a direct match. Jackson on the other hand, he mixes animals with superheros with Lightning McQueen with Missouri Tiger socks. The best part-- I truly don't care.

In fact, I've embraced this new lifestyle for myself.

Anyone else have a Mommy Battle they've decided wasn't worth the fight?!?


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  1. <3 love it. this is a fantastic solution for this stressful life issue.

    I'm not sure Aria, Payton or Julian will join in... but I will!

    Now to convince the husbands that mismatched socks are cool?


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