Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're making it!

I have survived one full week now at my internship. As with the start of most new jobs, it started off pretty slow. But, it's picking up and I'm finding myself right at home among some of society's frowned-upon and ignored members.

The kids have transitioned smoothly into their new routine. Last week, they enjoyed time with their grandparents and this week was their first official time week with Miss Beth. Jackson loves his new lunchbox and he is a great helper in packing it and getting it ready.

We're still settling into a routine during the evening, but we're finding ourselves so productive and efficient with our time. Our time together has been shorter than usual, but it's been enjoyable and sweet.

One thing is for sure-- everything has been coming together so perfectly and smoothly. I'm such a different person than I was even just last week in terms of being anxious, stressed, and tearful. I know I've been covered in prayer by so many wonderful, supportive people and it's obvious in my life and how everything has just come into place. It's been great to have received so many emails, facebook posts, and text messages letting me know I've been prayed for and checking to see how we're doing. I have the greatest friends. :)

And a HUGE thanks to my the hubby-- could go on and on, but people don't tend to enjoy a lot of mushiness. Basically, he's amazing and he complements be perfectly. {And he compliments me too. Especially lately! He's surprised after work almost everyday when he comes home and I actually look like a lady... aka- not in yoga pants, sweatshirt, and ponytail!}

I'll end with saying that my one of the biggest downers about leaving the kiddos in daycare is missing out on some of their firsts-- especially Belle because I was always home with Jackson at his age. Well, it only took a day and a half for that to happen. Belle threw up for the first time and it was with Miss Beth. Poor Miss Beth, but I'm not all that sad about not having to clean it up! Thankfully, my sister is still on Christmas break and watched Belle pottied today since she couldn't go back to daycare. Turns out, another "first" happened at my parents-- she in the tub... {the gross kind}. Can't say I'm bummed about missing that either! I guess there are some "firsts" worth missing!! :)


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