Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet Tiger

Back in January, we decided to expand our family! We got a new kitty! I had the intention to post when we first got her, but then we went completely MIA for three weeks! Her food was eaten and she was using the litter box... but no sign of her. I have no idea where she was hiding, but she's decided to come out and enjoy our family.

Her new "entrance" into our family has coincided with the latest bouts of sickness, so I haven't even had my camera out to snap pictures, but that will happen eventually. This is the only one I've got for now!

Her name is Tiger, which was her name before she came to the family. We considered other names, but Jackson's suggestions were along the lines of Optimus, Bumble Bee, or Spiderman.... so we stuck with Tiger. She does have stripes, so the name is fitting. 
  • Belle thought Tiger was a kitten puzzle piece, not an actual kitten. Whenever we'd mention her, she'd run and get the puzzle piece and say, "I found it!"
  • Both kids are thrilled with having a pet, but then they also both are thriving on "being the boss" as they feel they are in some authority over her.
    • "Hey Jackson, we're getting a kitten".... "Okay, can I be the boss of it?" .... "Well, I think Daddy and I will be the boss of it"... "Okay, well can I be the boss just a little bit?"
    • Belle: "Tiger. Get down. RIGHT. NOW." and in typical Belle fashion, she says it three to five million times in a row.
  • Tiger went into heat (constant meowing!) the as soon as the last snowstorm started coming through. It was not pleasant to be stuck in the house with her! I was able to take her to get spayed yesterday before the new storm started!
    • Both kids were upset that we left her behind at the vet. Belle kept saying as we were walking out the door, "we need tiger!" and Jackson teared up in the car, "But I love our cat!" 
  • All in all, she's a wonderfully patient cat... like, patient with the two little people in this house.
  • And ultimately, Jackson is learning to help take care of her... an unexpected treat! He likes to feed and water her and he can do it on his own. Now... when can we teach him how to empty the litter box?


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      1. She's a cutie! And you should definitely work on teaching Jackson to empty the litter box. Delegation, it's all about the delegation.


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