Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Potpourri post

I know miscellaneous day-to-day stuff isn't super exciting reading material, but I am working at doing a better job at documenting it so I can have it to look back on someday... so today is a potpourri post!
  • Sickness has continued to infiltrate our house. I am not even kidding. Derek came down with a bug almost immediately as I recovered. We had to leave church early because Jackson got sick on Sunday morning. And then today, as soon as I dropped the kids off at MOPS this morning, Jackson's teacher came to find me because he got sick again. I didn't even get to eat breakfast. I'm not gonna lie-- I packed the kids back into the car and I cried on the way home. I have reached my limit. Derek spent the afternoon at the doctor getting mostly the same meds that I took home last week. If this isn't the end, I am going to absolutely lose it. 
  • Winter Storm Q is arriving tomorrow. Take a look at the pic. See the Kansas City dot-- yeah, that's us. Everything is practically closed down in anticipation. 

  • Considering I don't get paid, I won't be making my way into work tomorrow. Really, I'm bummed because my compensation is my hours and Thursdays are my best days to accumulate direct client hours. And really, I love my job so I actually like going in. Oh well. It's still not worth the probably several hour commute. Derek's entire office is working from home tomorrow. The kids will still go to Miss Beth's while I make my best attempt to get ahead on school and internship work (and maybe get a blog finished about Belle's birthday). 
  • I put Belle in time-out today for the first time. (Anyone taking bets at how long it takes for my parents to read this and call me to ask why I'm implementing such harsh punishments in our house?) Her only rule was to sit there until she stopped crying. Eventually she did and she was totally fine. And then it was time for bed... She wasn't thrilled, so she put herself back in time out to cry about it. 

  • Jackson news: He wore his batman costume to church on Sunday. And a couple of cute quotes this week:
    • After telling Jackson that it's not appropriate to say, "I'll kill you" (even when playing), he responded in the sweetest voice, "Can I please make you dead?" He was certainly trying to do better, but it kind of missed the point. He asked so sweetly, I almost said "yes!"
    • When we told Jackson that it was going to snow, he asked "Why?" (which is sooooooo typical). Anyway, we told him that God sometimes makes it snow for us. He then asked to see a picture of God and when we explained that we don't have a picture of God, he simply suggested that we fly an airplane up to him and take a picture. Gotta love the innocence!
    • Oh, and he has consistently requested to be called, and he has introduced himself several times as Jack. Why does it make him seem so old???
I guess that's all for tonight... and if we still have power tomorrow, I hope to have another post real soon!


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  1. I love potpourri posts.

    And I was complaining about rain.......


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