Saturday, February 9, 2013

Still sick (plus tired and cranky)

Yes, it's true. It turns out the joke was on me when I thought that we had seen the last of the sickies when I posted last week. Tuesday morning I woke up to Jackson throwing up mere inches from my face. Fortunately(?) it was only mucus and it wasn't a "new" sickness, just the asthmatic problems from his respiratory junk from the weekend. And then Wednesday, I finally succumbed to the ever present germs and it's still lingering despite my many days of ongoing Day and NyQuil treatments.

Needless to say... I'm tired (again, despite my NyQuil induced nightly comas) and I'm cranky. Just ask my kids, my parents, or recipients of my text messages today. Lucky for Derek, he's at drill so 1) he missed out on more mucus vomit today and 2) he missed out on my crankiness. My poor house is a disaster, more so than usual. I've managed to keep my family fed, bathed, and dressed-- but that's just about it! To say that I am SO sick of dealing with sickness is an absolute understatement (that being said, I have friends/family dealing with much worse, so ultimately I'm thankful for our overall health).

Here are some photos from the week:

We enjoyed a nice evening with my parents when we watched the Super Bowl.

which then somehow turned into a pillow fight between Papa and Jackson. 

{PS. This is absolute proof that grandparents are completely different with grandkids than their own kids. Papa never would have allowed standing on the couch, fighting with couch pillows (and fighting himself!), and if MARINARA sauce spilled on a nice new couch, he would NOT have simply said, "Uh oh. Let me get a napkin. No big deal....." Pfft. Those are all Papa things, not Dad things...}

Jackson took his first solo shower and he used up all the hot water. This was really just to help his cough and congestion... and hopefully it's not a sign of what's to come.

This girl-- she is unbelievable. First, she has remained relatively healthy in the midst of this sick epidemic. Also, this is how I found her one day in her room. I just can't make this stuff up! 

Jackson was completely amazed that Papa John's Pizza has the same name as Papa Johne. He asked if it was called Papa John's because "Papa really likes to eat pizza"? I didn't answer!

We were about to pick up a Redbox movie last night, but the Blockbuster was right next to Papa Johns.  I decided I should take Jackson in so he could experience the "movie rental store" experience at least once in his life. I actually had to register for a card, but it was worth it. I was reminded how nifty it is to have a place that has a big selection and not just a vending machine selection. Granted, it was annoying to have to drive out of my way to return it today. But, it was worth it. Jackson thought it was totally awesome, though he was just as excited about all of the Angry Bird displays throughout the store.

Papa took the time to paint the tiny fingers he's wrapped around today. :)

Mom, Jackson, and I went to see Liberty North High School put on Beauty and the Beast this afternoon. It was excellent. It was Jackson's first play and he did a pretty good job! The cast came out to greet people as they left-- Jackson was terrified. He preferred to watch them onstage.

Hopefully we will be able to make it to church tomorrow (and hopefully they remember who we are!). Fortunately, we are doing lunch with Derek's parents so I can cross cooking lunch off my list of things to do tomorrow! I'm so spoiled to have both of our families so close!


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