Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Groundhog was Wrong

A second snowstorm came through the midwest again last night and this morning. Last weeks blizzard left us with 12 inches in snow in just a matter of hours. This snow was much more "normal" and the accumulation (8-10 inches?) was over the course of evening to lunch time. It was also much heavier and a nightmare to shovel... but it was really beautiful! 

Even though the little bench was covered, I still wanted a picture! It's my favorite photo spot! :)

This is a photo that my father in law took-- but I just love it!

Lastly-- I snapped this one as Derek was finishing up the driveway this evening. It was absolutely freezing outside, but his heart was melting as she ran down the driveway saying, "I love you Daddy!"

With this sudden burst of winter over the past week-- I think it's safe to say that the groundhog was so totally and completely wrong. I'm glad we ended up with some snow this year because the last two winters have been without and this will certainly be good for the grass and fields considering the drought of this past summer. But Spring-- where ever you are--I'm patiently awaiting your arrival and I will gladly welcome you with open arms... Don't stay away too long!!



  1. Wow! That looks like some heavy snow. Hope it didn't damage trees.
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. What wonderful wintery scenes, I love the snow and miss it so much, even if its cold sometimes. Glad your grasses have the water they need. Happy WW

  3. A nightmare to shovel but the pictures are gorgeous. Love the pictures of the kids playing in the snow. We made snow angels last week, it was fun.

  4. Definitely a nightmare to shovel. If it wasn't for having to shovel and for having to drive in snow I would like it so much better. I love these photos though. The first several shots of the trees are gorgeous!

  5. Amazing photos, love the trees! Hope you are all o.k.! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Everyone's getting beautiful snow showers but us. We got a few flurries today but nothing stuck.


  7. Man, I am now shivering just looking at those pictures...brrrr. Silly groundhog.


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