Sunday, February 3, 2013

The sickies

I am soooooooooo over cold and flu season! Can I get an amen anyone?? The sickies have invaded our house. Again!! I'm spending Sunday morning at home with Jackson for the 3rd time in that last four weeks. (Derek plays in the worship band so he has to be there). Even Jackson is bummed about missing church again and he insisted that Derek tell his teachers why he wasn't there.

The first week of being in childcare, Belle got a stomach bug. That was on a Tuesday and thankfully, my sister was still on Christmas Break and she spent 2 days up at my parents house. I hoped that spending time away from Jackson would reduce his chance of catching the bug. Nope. Come Saturday, he got the bug. It went away pretty quick. Starting the next week, the non-stop runny noses started as hasn't stopped since! Last weekend, Jackson's fever was majorly high and we spent our entire evening at Urgent Care just to make sure things were okay. It was just a virus that had to run it's course. Belle ended up with some sort of rash and hives last weekend, too. This current diagnosis of this weekend is pink eye and a respiratory infection. Both seem remarkably better today since starting meds yesterday.

I can't help but recognize the divine timing of the different bugs in our house. It's never until Friday evening until we might even see the tiniest of symptom. Saturday morning is the worst of it. By the time Tuesday comes around, the kids are as healthy as ever just in time to go to Miss Beths. As much as I would prefer to not have sick kids all weekend, it's been a major blessing to not have to miss work! And Derek and I have been lucky thus far (knocking on wood!) to not have picked up the bugs ourselves.  Jackson is a trooper with his meds- even his eye drops. And he's so used to using the nebulizer that he actually enjoys sitting still to let it work it's magic so that it can make him breathe better. And really, both of my kids are "happy" sickies. <------ I have to keep reminding myself of these things!

Man, oh man. Starting childcare for the first time in the midst of cold and flu season-- Oy!! Apparently, along with the actual cost of childcare, we need to budget for the numerous doctor visits that result from kids being are several other kids all day! 

Please, oh please. No more sickness!! Please?!? 



  1. Oh no! Jackson with his oxygen... breaks my heart! You all better get back to 100% soon!

  2. Oh how I don't miss the days of the oxygen and nebulizer treatments. I feel for you but it does get better - we dealt with it for 15 years! Hope the rest of your week is good!


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