Monday, February 11, 2013


Here's just a few bits from our day today...
  • Last night, we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings. Derek was still in his uniform because he came straight to church after drill and we went straight to eat. After our meal, our server came up and told us that someone bought our meal for us to simply say, "Thank you for serving our country." I teared up then, and I'm tearing up just writing about it. She said they had already left and so they never even waited to see our reaction. It was so unexpected and so humbling! I really wish I could've said thank you! So, in case they ever happen to see this, "THANK YOU!" and if you've ever done that for some one else, "thank you" on their behalf.
  • Bronchitis. Yes... lucky me. We were in three different doctor offices today. Two for me, one for Jackson. If that never, ever happens again... I'd be completely okay with that. I have taken a total of nine pills today (all prescribed) so let's just hope they work promptly and effectively.
  • Derek bought me the best Valentine's Day present ever. You'll have to wait to hear about it though. It deserves it's own post.
  • My first born has indicated that he is now to be referred to as "Jack." I've always assumed he would eventually decide to have that as his nickname, but the way he just brought it up at dinner and basically said, "My name is going to be Jack now" just made it feel like he was a teenager trying to sound older to impress his girlfriend or something. 
  • While visiting Doctor #3 today, our really shy kids introduced our entire family to the waiting room. "My name is Jackson" (this was before the name change). "My name is Isabelle." "This is Amy and Derek." "These shoes are from Julie and she is from Denmark. Denmark is way, way, way across the water." He stopped short of sharing our social security numbers and birth dates.
  • Tonight while we were out, I was walking with Belle. Before I even knew she wasn't beside me, she had run ahead and OUT THE DOOR! Thankfully a nice guy, stopped and corralled her. But he mention that she did say "thank you" as she bolted out the door as he opened it. At least she's polite?
  • Belle's new word: stupid. I'm not sure who to blame (not me, of course) but it was really awesome to walk through Home Depot tonight while my kids were having a "No, YOU'RE stupid" verbal tennis match.
  • Lastly-- Belle is turning TWO next week. I can't even believe it. My baby isn't even a baby!!!!!! Now, I need to go cry!



  1. WHAT! After all that, "My name is NOTTT Jack!" and now he wants to be called Jack. Kaylynn is going to be so confused. Haha!

  2. Can't wait to hear what you got for Valentine's day. Stopping in from Mostly Happenstance.


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