Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Survey!

Last week, one of my favorite blogs mentioned doing this little Valentine activity and I knew it'd be so fun to do! The assignment was to have both you and your spouse answer the same questions and then post them! Derek was SUPER excited to participate. No really, he was great... no complaining! :) 

A picture from right before our first date -- January 2005

So here's our Valentine's Day survey. We both answered without seeing the others answers... though, I did respond in parenthesis to a few of his responses.

How long have you been married?
6 1/2 years
6.5 years

Where was your first date?        
Chili's (though she often used to confuse it with another chain restaurant to the point of confusing me. ) 
This is a trick question. He always thinks I don't know, but I do. I don't know if he'll answer the right way or the way he thinks I will answer. Either way, our first date was at Chili's. One time, I answered this question as TGIFridays (and he hasn't ever forgotten that). It's not that I forgot our first date (or confused it with a different first date), but the two restaurants are on the same block. 
{it has come to my attention that Derek actually GOOGLED the location to make sure he picked the right place... he didn't even remember... pfft.}

Where was your first kiss?         

My apartment watching the movie Troy.
My apartment, watching (not-watching) Troy -- for the record, it actually was my apartment. 

Who first said, "I love you"?      

I did.
He did.

What were your wedding colors?  


What is her most commonly used phrase? 

"you are so gross!" 
I don't even know this. His answer will probably be more accurate. Uhm.... maybe, “Are you kidding?” (ha. he's totally right...)

Who is her celebrity crush? 

Robert Downy Jr after heath ledger died
It depends on the latest movie, but Ryan Reynolds is typically at the top of the list (but Robert Downy, Jr is definitely accurate as well)

If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get?  

Diet Dr. Pepper for me and Coke for her
Him: Diet Dr. Pepper, me: Coke

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you?     

Cheeseburger pizza
Cheeseburger Pizza

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you?   

Can't remember any bad ones
Not all of my meals are winners... but he will eat just about anything without complaining so I don't even know.

What is the most-played song on her iPod?            

Britney spears,  Kelly Clarkson, or the song of the month
I don't even have an ipod. I did until I lost it sometime years ago. But I do listen to Pandora and Spotify. Britney is my all-time favorite, go-to artist. I normally don't go searching for a particular artist or song, I'll just listen to whatever is on the radio, mostly the catchy pop songs. (his description as song of the month is pretty accurate)

What would she say is your most annoying habit?              
describing my adventures in the bathroom
When we hold hands, he fidgets his thumb constantly... (but yes, he's also right).

What is the last thing she does before she goes to bed?      

Plays a game on her phone / checks facebook
I play a game on my phone or check facebook.

If you could throw out one item of her clothing what would it be?    

some shoes. 
Probably some of my shoes, mostly the flats. He hates flats.

What would you say is your favorite thing about her?      

Her compassion and drive to show Christ's love to everyone in new and innovative ways by listening, building relationships, and getting involved in things.
My amazing good looks and charming personality. :) But really, he'd probably say how I care for other people. (His answer is so sweet!)

What's her go-to drink at Starbucks?    
Hot chocolate? 
I don't do coffee (or tea), so I always get a smoothie. (at least he knew it wasn't coffee!)

What's her blog's name?!  ( I know cause I bought her domain name)
 Wife hat, Mom hat 

I think we earned an "A"-- we did pretty good! I'm looking forward to celebrating our 8th Valentine's together tonight!



  1. stopping by and following from the linkup today!
    what a sweet little family you have. i love that picture of your daughter all dressed up! i often find mine like that too. nothing like a crazy toddler girl!

  2. Okay, you guys are so cute! Y'all are so sweet!

    I am new to the blog world and I'd love it if you'd come say hi!!

  3. I love this, especially how sweet you two look before your first date! Also - Chilis and TGIFridays are TOTALLY similar! ;)


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