Sunday, March 3, 2013

A boy. A dog. And the snow.

This weekend was Derek's drill weekend and as usual the kiddos and I headed up to spend some time with my parents. My brother flew out this week to Equador for a two month medical missions trip and has left his dog-child, Malcolm, with my parents. I brought out my camera to take some pics of Malcolm having some fun to send to Phil to let him know that his baby dog is being taken care of and having lots of fun. (Malcom is so much like Phil's "baby" I almost wonder if I should if my kids and Malcolm are cousins....) I ended up with some quite a few pictures showing the fun we had while playing in the snow on Saturday afternoon. I love the ones of Jackson and Malcolm... boys and dogs are so cute together.

Don't they both look thrilled to stop playing to pose for a photo? :)

This is Belle playing in the snow-- laying like a log, never moving any muscles, other than smiling as she slides down and then is carried up. 

Malcolm liked to chase down with the sled as kids went down the hill

We eventually moved from the side yard hill to the bigger one by the large pond.

The kids slid REALLY fast and so Dad ended up sprinting down to catch them from sliding on to the pond! He caught them in time, but not without wiping out. :)

Next time, Mom stationed herself down low to catch the kids. She didn't have to sprint, but she wiped out too. One minute she's vertical  the next I see two feet flying in the air. But it was a success-- no kids in the pond!

There was a snowball fight at one point... (notice Belle-- still laying like a log?)

And a super cute pic of the kids and my parents! 

Now that the roads have been cleared and driveways shoveled, we've been out to enjoy the snow as much as possible!


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