Saturday, March 30, 2013

The past few weeks

The past two weeks have been filled with some much needed R&R! We've taken it easy, enjoyed some family time and we even managed to go on a date! Most importantly, we've successfully managed a consecutive two week period without any sickness for the first time in 2013. WOO HOO!!!!!!!

Here are my instagram pics to sum up the past couple weeks!

Jackson was very concerned about the wind messing up his "awesome hair" on this day...

It was nice outside and so we spent some time raking up the stickyballs outside the house. Turns out that dustpans are the perfect shovels for the kids to scoop them up!

At a St. Patty's Day parade-- and we didn't have any green. Oops!

With the nicer weather, we've walked down to visit our neighbors a couple of times. Miss Charlotte was Derek's kindergarten teacher and I love that Belle loves to read books with her!

At the waiting room of the doctor's office-- Jackson gathered all of the dinosaur family and said, "There are two dads! They all got hungry so they just ate the mommy all up!"

I met Dad for lunch on his birthday at a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant and it was delish! And it was fun to spend some time with just Dad!

The kids helped make a birthday cake for Derek-- and this is of course, their favorite part!

"Mom, I'm going to Texas. I'll be back in 1042 days."

Belle LOVES accessories... including "scarves"that are really part of a bath robe. She's worn it out of the house twice this week.

On a walk the other day-- Jackson was shooting bad guys with his legs. He is a master at turning any object into a gun, but even when he didn't have anything-- he still managed to find a way to keep the neighborhood safe.

Last night, we ventured out for some ice cream!


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