Monday, March 11, 2013

Three-for-three, Texas Wins

I'm trying not to take it personal, but Texas just seems to be out to get me! In the past few years, I've been down here twice. The first trip included multiple expensive tickets along with a broken down vehicle. The second trip was filled with a sick baby who refused to sleep along with a different bug that invaded the living space affecting our travel companions severely. I was a tiny bit worried that my plane would crash once we crossed the Texas state line, but to my surprise we landed safe and sound! I just assumed that Texas was going to play nice! There haven't been any car problems or tickets and no sicknesses either, but... it's been cold. Very out of season cold. After the snow a few weeks ago, I was began to really look forward to some Texas warmth and my friends assured me that flip-flop weather awaited me! I have packed my flip flops and have yet to wear them. Texas, why do you hate me?

Despite being cold, my trip has been worth the wrath of Texas. Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic.... but is it too much to ask for a tiny bit of sunshine during a 5 day visit? I've enjoyed the learning and I've kept good company.

The purpose of my trip was to attend a Urban Economics and Ministry conference at the Land Center for Cultural Engagement. The focus was on the economic, social, and cultural challenges faced by predominately by inner city African Americans. Why is this relevant to me, you ask? Well, it's very relevant to where I intern. It was a great experience.

I was a little weary of coming down to Texas with Jackson still getting sick. It was really hard to leave. But, there was no reason to stay. And it was truly divinely inspired that I be here. There was no better way to occupy my time as we wait for an MRI on Tuesday than to spend it deep in God's word surrounded by Godly men and women from across the country, including Pastor Fred Luter, president of the Southern Baptist Convention. After speaking one night (it was an amazing sermon!) he took the time to say a special prayer for Jackson. So many of the other attendees mentioned that Jackson is now on their prayer list from their churches-- These are predominately black churches and let me tell you, these people can pray! I swear, I feel like Jackson has been the most prayed for little boy this week and I am beyond amazed at the support we've received... and we don't even know what's going on yet!!

SBC President, Pastor Fred Luter and me!

The conference ended Friday and since then, I've been hanging out with some really good friends who moved down from Kansas City a couple years ago. Despite beginning my time here in Texas discussing urban culture, I found myself at the Forth Worth Rodeo last night. As much as I love city living, I can't deny my small town roots! It's a good balance. 

Other than the rodeo, we've mostly just been hanging out. It's been a wonderful retreat from my very hectic and crazy life at home, but I really do miss it and I can't wait to be back tomorrow. Derek and the kids will be there to pick me up and I'm really, REALLY looking forward to those hugs! :)


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  1. That sounds like a great weekend! Especially the rodeo. I have never been to one :)


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