Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Update on Jackson

Last week, I posted about our trip to Children's Mercy regarding our hope to have found the solution for Jackson's daily vomiting. Unfortunately, the sickness prevailed and we went yesterday to our primary care doctor to try to figure this out once again. I emailed some family last night with an update and I've had so many others who've been checking in to see how Jackson's doing that I just wanted to share the update for all:
As some of you may have been aware, Jackson has been getting sick each day for a couple of weeks now. We've tried everything from a bland diet, antacids for reflux, and even an enema to clean his bowels and it hasn't seemed to make much of a difference. I took Jackson into our doctor today for another look. It seems to be a perplexing situation as appears so healthy in every way possible. 
Failing to use my better judgement, I googled symptoms the other day and it, of course, offered many serious potential explanations. It was easy to brush them aside knowing it was just coming from the internet. However, it was certainly scary hearing words like "brain tumor" coming from our doctor and not the internet. She said unexplained vomiting can be a symptom of such diagnosis. Having a history of a brain tumor in my family has been a little extra scary.  
Jackson will be undergoing an MRI next Tuesday (March 12th) at noon. He will need to be sedated in order for him to be still. We will be at Children's Mercy so I know we'll be well taken care of. 
In the mean time, we will try another antacid to treat it as if it was reflux. He was a trooper as he got his blood drawn today to see if any answers can be found in that method. Should his vomiting stop even now, the doctor recommended to move forward with an MRI.  
This is obviously scary news even just knowing the potential of what may come. Prayers are certainly coveted as we wait. Prayers for Jackson as he remains such a trooper and that it is as pain-free as possible when he does get sick. Prayers as we prepare for anesthesia and the MRI itself-- for him and for us! Prayers for an answer to be found, regardless of what it may be and that we can continue to praise God for his glory regardless. And prayers just to lift the worry from our hearts for if God can take care of even the birds, surely He can provide for us now! 
Love you all,
Amy and Derek
So many questions, so many possibilities floating through our heads... Our goal for now, is to simply focus on today, and take each new day one day at a time. This is a concept that tell my clients in sessions all of the time and so I'm trying my best to practice it myself. I am choosing not to live in fear and anxiety of what the future holds, but to grasp to the peace that passes understanding, which comes from Christ alone. That being said... I am doing okay about 95% of the time and I'd say that Derek is about the same. We make a great team and we're taking it all in stride. I am heading out down to Texas tomorrow for a conference and to visit some friends. Part of me wants to stay, but there's really no need. I will fly home late Monday-- just in time to take Jackson to the MRI.

In the meantime, Jackson is in no pain (other than minor discomfort when getting sick) and he's is his normal happy, energetic little self. When I explained to him that he was going to have his blood drawn yesterday (I compared it to his shots... that instead of putting something into his body, they would take just a little bit out) he quickly asked, "Are they going to take out my guts!?" Typical boy stuff. :)

He's been practicing his Wii skills lately and has even beat me (without me losing on purpose!) at bowling and baseball...

Jackson had Belle cracking up in the backseat this weekend by holding her hand... not sure what was so hilarious  but they were having fun.

And.... he spent the weekend at my parents house pretending to be a dog....

We are already feeling the prayers from those around us. The emails, texts, and messages-- they have all been very encouraging. We are so truly blessed. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Above all else, may God be glorified.


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