Saturday, April 20, 2013

Look how fat you are!

Yes, those are the exact words Jackson said to me as he showed me the picture he drew of us.

"Look Mom, I drew a picture and we're holding hands! Look how fat you are!!"

(he indicated that I'm the one on the left)

I honestly didn't know what to say other than, "Thanks so much, sweetie! I love it!" My sister-in-law suggested that maybe he meant "tall" and so I think I'll stick with that. At least we're holding hands! 

He also middle-named me last night-- "Mommy Marie!" :)

This morning, Jackson woke up the sun and he crawled into our bed. He is such an excellent cuddler that I was looking forward to some snuggles... but he clearly wasn't going back to sleep. There were at least 3,000 words spoken from his mouth before 7 am. His thought process was all over the place and he just kept talking and talking (with the occasional, "mmhhmm" as I longingly hoped to get more sleep).  His topics ranged between...
I like soft carrots. Mom, can we make all carrots soft today?
What would happen if we did the INSIDE of the puzzle first?! Wouldn't that be silly??
... and he kept going. I told myself to enjoy it as I know that when the teenage years come our way, I'm going to wish he'd even say ten words to me in a single day.

One thing Jackson did say this morning was his Bible verse that we've been working on all week. (How awesome is the Lord Most High! Psalm 47:2). He can even tell the story of how God performed an AWESOME miracle when he parted the sea for the Israelites to escape the Egyptians. Earlier this week, he was asking about the story.

Did the sea go back together after they got to other side? (Yes.) Did the Egyptians get to the other side too (No.) Did the Egyptians say, "Aww, man?" (Well maybe, or something like that....).
There's hardly ever a dull moment in our house! I like it that way. :)


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