Sunday, April 28, 2013

Simple Saturday

Today was a very laid back Saturday... very simple. There was nothing on the agenda, no plans to adhere to... it was wonderful. Okay, well, it started off pretty rocky. Cranky kids, cranky parents. Fortunately some time-outs (for kids AND parents) worked their magic and by 10am the attitude shifted and thus the great day began.

The kids helped Derek tinker with the mower. Speaking of attitude problems-- this machine is no exception.

We spent a good portion of the morning cleaning the house. I know I'm getting old and boring when I am sooooo glad to have some time to clean up! We did take a quick "tattattoo" break.

For lunch, we went out with Great Grandpa, Grandpa Forrest, and Grandma Linda for Chinese. Derek left to work at a wedding around 4:00. (side note: my husband works three different jobs in the course of most months all so I can work jobs that I don't get paid to do... school, intern, SAHM. If that's not husband of the year, I don't know what is!)

I was SO glad when Mom called out of the blue and said she wanted to come visit! We enjoyed a Girls Night Out (Jackson was with his other grandparents). After Belle went to bed, Mom and I played a game of Rack-o. I bought it at a garage sale before Jackson was even born and never played it until tonight! It was fun. Derek will be thrilled when I make him play with me. 

Mom left after she lost the game was over around 9ish and it's been completely silent in the house ever since. I don't even remember the last time I spent time alone all by myself. I am a total extrovert; I draw my energy from socializing with people. I love spending time with Derek and the kids after work and school. But sitting in total quiet for the past three and a half hours has been wonderful. Not so wonderful that I want to make it a habit for Saturday nights, but it really was a nice night-- just what I needed before my next two weeks is filled with lots of end-of-the-semester schoolwork coming up along many busy weekends ahead. 

I hope your weekend was just as relaxing and refreshing!


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