Monday, April 15, 2013

Three adventures, one wonderful weekend

This last weekend was absolutely wonderful! Our family was spread out across three different places, so there are three stories to tell!

I had a conference in Jefferson City and was going to travel alone, but when Jackson got invited to go on a trip, I asked my parents if Belle could stay with them, so Derek and I enjoyed a weekend getaway! The annual conference of the American Counseling Association of Missouri was this weekend and not only did I attend, I lead a presentation in one of the breakout sessions. What an experience! I was nervous and excited; I mean, I'm a grad student talking in front of seasoned professionals. I had so much fun and it went really well. And seriously, who knew I could talk for a solid 90 minutes?! (no comment Mom and Dad). It really helped that I feel passionately about my topic and am convinced that it's a message that needs to be heard. The topic: How military psychology relates to your civilian counseling career. Want to know more? Just ask. :)

After the conference, Derek and I had the laziest, most wonderful weekends. We ventured out to explore the beauty of Jefferson City and the Missouri Capitol Building, but we also took naps, watch several shows/movies in bed, and we event went shopping. Oh, it was delightful and much needed!

Jackson went on a much anticipated vacation with Grandma Linda, Grandpa Forrest, and cousin Gabe to Nebraska. They ventured to the Strategic Air & Space Museum and the Omaha Zoo among other parks and playthings. Jackson and Gabe love spending time together and when together, their energy multiplies by like, a zillion. :)

Though Jackson and Gabe never got the chance to meet Grandpa Clarence (he passed away just a few months after our wedding), it was special for Forrest to be able to teach the boys about the Strategic Air Command in wich Grandpa served. 

Jackson got to hold a butterfly!!! Can you believe he was still enough for this to even happen!?! He thought it was pretty cool.

... but not the coolest part of the zoo. That memory belongs to some sort of buffalo-thing that pooped while they passed by in the train. He was cracking up just telling me about it. Oh, boys.... 

And Belle, she stayed with my parents and she was SO thrilled when I told her she was going to Grammy and Papa's. She told Ms Beth, "I gonna go see Papa Johne!" And when she said his name, her voice jumped like three octaves. And in fact, when we met mom to pick her up on Sunday, after giving me a welcome hug, Belle leaned back over to Mom and asked to go back home with her. 

On Saturday, I received this text from Dad. He was trying to install cabinets and Belle wasn't being all that great of a helper. 

And this is a text from Mom later that afternoon. Belle was hanging out with Aunt Ashley and Molly chowing down on Cheez-its. Practically heaven on earth for both Ash and Belle. 

This truly was a great weekend. Everyone had lots of fun! And Sunday evening was just as great when we all came together and played! I love my little family and we are just so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful family too! 

(My wonderful weekend did not carry over into the beginning of the week. I got my wisdom tooth, my one and only, removed today and I've been miserable since about 10am! Plus, my face is swollen and I look ridiculous. Derek has taken excellent care of me and the kiddos. Seriously, I am so blessed!)


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