Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Accommodating Grandpas

My kids are absolutely in love with both of their Grandpas. Of course, I love them too, but the phrase "conflict of interest" comes to mine when it comes to parental and grandparental roles. Surely other mothers can agree?

This is the motto of both Grandpas seem to embrace. I swear, I have even heard my father-in-law say this!

And let me tell you-- they are veeeeeeery accommodating. 

You want to bounce the basketball on the kitchen floor, sure! Oh, you'd like a drink of my highly caffeinated beverage, you betchya! Oh, you want to talk back and scream at your parents, don't mind me... I'll just sit over here and laugh (egg you on!). 

Their purpose goes further than just giving me a reason to roll my eyes, but to love our little kiddos and build a special bond that only a Grandpa can have. I just love how my kids love their Grandpas and vice versa. 

Today, the kids went fishing with Grandpa Forrest (and Grandma Linda, too). Belle caught her first fish!

My dad came down this evening to help with the pesky mower... and he welcomed Belle hugs even when he was a little preoccupied.

But as we were outside, we began to hear some music in the background coming closer and closer. Jackson was just excited to see a truck go by that played music. But Papa Johne couldn't resist-- and he introduced my children to the fact that musical trucks sell ice cream. My life will never be the same (though I do plan on telling my kids that the ice cream is special treat to be enjoyed with grandparents). 

Jackson was SO excited when he realized he had so many choices of ice cream!

They both ended up with Ninja Turtle ice cream cones. 

Derek and I were blessed to have such great fathers and our kids are equally blessed to have such loving and "accommodating" grandpas. I am so thankful for their presence in our lives... even when I hear stories like, "Grandpa told me that monkeys throw poop!"



  1. This is hilarious and so cute! My dad is exactly like this... often asking if my 22 month old needs ice cream for breakfast... 'maybe he wants an ice cream cone, or doesn't he like cookies?' 'Um dad, its 7am... eggs will be fine.' HA! Grandparents ARE hilarious. :)

  2. Lol! That last line was my favorite . . . "Grandpa told me that monkeys throw poop." hehe! I'm going to be giggling about that in my sleep.


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