Saturday, May 18, 2013

I graduated!!!!!

After five long years of grad school, I graduated last weekend!!!  Of course I've been so anxious to share this exciting milestone, but I've spent this week enjoying family time and getting newly acquainted with the concept of free time!

 Getting hooded by the program directors and a favorite professor.

My Grandma came down to attend the ceremony. She has always been such an advocate and encouragement in seeking my degree. 

Four Generations!

This is the best family photo we got- a crying 4 year old, a zombie 2 year old and parents who can't even produce a fake smile. But hey-- this is our life. ;)

My proud parents. I think they are smiling because they didn't pay for this degree. 

Derek's family so wonderfully endured the long, boring graduation too! Linda is an Avila University alum. 

This pic with Derek is one of my favorite. I couldn't have even made it through without this man!!

We met up at KFC for lunch (avoiding all other graduation lunch traffic!). Belle crashed on a booth seat. 

Is this not the cutest picture?!? I felt so proud when he put it on and said, "I'm just like Mommy!!" 

While at KFC, a fellow patron asked if I just graduated. When I confirmed that I did, she proceeded to ask from which high school. You can imagine her surprise when I mentioned that I just received my Master's Degree. Maybe someday I'll look like an accomplished adult. Until then, I'll just keep surprising people with my intellect for such a young looking person.... or convincing people to hire me at a job paying more than minimum wage.

Okay, and I must actually confess-- I still have to finish my internship and take another class this summer. It's a small, private university so they only do one graduation a year, so I went ahead and celebrated. :)  Feel free go ahead and just call me Master Amy. :)


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