Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day outtakes

I wanted to take a quick pic before church this morning to show a pic to my mom how cute Belle looks in the dress she bought! Isn't she a doll!?! And she wears that pearl necklace (handed down from Gram-Gram) every week to church. I love it. :)

Yes, Jackson is technically wearing a soccer jersey to church, but the criteria for "church shirt" is to have a collar, and well, this does.

Whereas I normally sort through my collection of pictures to share only the best, I thought I'd include some outtakes. Taking pictures of these kids is an absolutely ridiculous task. Here's what the pictures most often look like:

I love these next two because they show the each of the kids in a genuine laugh! Too bad they aren't in the same shot! 

I love these kiddos and that they made me a mommy!!

Today was a fabulous day (...especially considering that I GRADUATED yesterday. I will get those pics up soon!) It was a simple day, which are growing to be my favorite. Simple meals, simple plans. Just family time. 

My wonderful Danish daughter wished me a Happy Mother's Day today. She's coming back this summer and we're totally excited!

And a quick note to share how grateful I am for the Moms in my life. My mom is a wonderful Grammy to my kiddos and she's been so encouraging as I've worked to finish my degree. Plus, when I visit, she takes requests and it's always delish. My mother-in-law is top notch. We live in the same town and while some have "Everybody Love Raymond" type of mother-in-laws, I certainly don't! She has watched the kiddos so many of the nights I've had class, and even for us to go on dates. And she makes the most wonderful chocolate chip cookies. In fact, I don't even bother to make them because they will just be a disappointment. I stick to oatmeal or sugar cookies whenever I'm domestic enough to make them. I certainly have great Moms to look after and try to be for my kiddos!


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