Sunday, May 5, 2013

Polar Bear swimming in the bafftub!

The end of the semester is upon me right now and I am highly anticipating my graduation ceremony next week. My absence of blogging hasn't been so much as not having time, but simply being tired from so much writing. I've had so many papers lately! My client list at my internship is quite large at the moment, which is awesome, though it means lots of progress notes and reports. So I find myself at the end of each day with minimal energy to write even more. This is finals week, so this shouldn't last long!

Here's our week via Instagram pics:

 I picked up my graduation attire last week-- so excited!

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Monday and we visited the zoo! The polar bear was doing back flips ("in the baff tub" as Belle would say). The kids just loved being so close!

After the zoo, we met up and had lunch with my dad!

I took this picture on Tuesday-- I just LOVE tulips!

 And then this happened on Thursday-- SNOW! ... in MAY!!! What on EARTH!? It's been so cold ever since. Where is spring??

Belle fell in the gym (with the help of her big brother) at church on Wednesday night and acquired the largest goose egg I've ever seen. It was HUGE, but by Thursday morning it managed to turn into just a yucky bruise.

Belle made bracelets out of onion slices today... and she proceeded to actually eat them. I was quite surprised! But then, her breathe smelt so bad that I could barely snuggle with her all night! Hopefully she still likes onions when she's old enough to date! :)

This next week should be a good one! I graduate (have I mentioned how excited I am?!) and Jackson starts t-ball practice. And hopefully it might start feeling like spring again!


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