Monday, June 10, 2013

Anniversary #7

Derek and I celebrated our seventh anniversary today!

I'm not sure who created the idea list for anniversary presents. Apparently, the traditional 7th anniversary gift is wool or copper. The modern gift is either a desk set or pen/pencil sets. While we didn't stick to tradition-- we still gifted each other equally un-romantic gifts... new shoes.

They might not be romantic, but they are certainly pricey!!!

I guess this means that by year seven comes around, you can pass up all extraneous gifts and go for the practical things! We both have particularly tender feet and it's important to have a good shoe to prevent many trips to the podiatrist. I wanted to stick to the doctor's orders when picking out my shoes... and that led me to getting a pair of shoes that are only two velcro straps away from being the number one shoe sold to senior citizens. At least it has some pink. Derek's shoes are cool, though!

Truthfully, the best part of our anniversary is that Derek wasn't away at army training!! His unit is typically scheduled for annual training during our anniversary and thanks to a change in plans, annual training isn't until August, so we got to spend our anniversary TOGETHER! How much more romantic can it be?!? 

Well, Derek actually took today off as an optional holiday so we got to spend all day together! We ventured to new restaurant for lunch and to went to a movie. We were a good three decades younger than anyone else in the theater! ... at least they weren't texting!

We opted for a day time-date to accomodate Jackson's t-ball game tonight. Going to a ball game might not sound like an ideal anniversary activity, but I think it was just perfect. Seven years ago, we said our vows and committed ourselves to each other and our future family. Today, we spent the evening supporting our little boy as he played a t-ball game having the time of his life (other than the inning he didn't get to catch the ball...). 

Celebrating marriage doesn't always need a romantic getaway. Today, we found joy in the life we started together and brought us to where we are... even if that means cleaning out the gutters. We cherish our family, we're thankful for our house, and we love each other more than when we said "I do".


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