Wednesday, June 12, 2013

T-ball AllStar

Jackson has played in three t-ball games* now... let me just tell you-- there is so much cuteness I can barely take it! There are a ton of pictures!!!
*Game = two innings where every member of the team hits once and everyone progresses one base at a time. After each hit, the outfielders are to throw the ball to first base regardless of the runners status. 
Now, I know that most parents think their kids are great at everything and will grow up to be professional athletes. And while I'm not already planning a future where my son makes millions of dollars and can pay off our house and student loans (because we will still be paying those off well past his own college career)... Jackson really does have some talent.

Now, at age 4, that basically consists of good hand-eye coordination. But the thing that Jackson has that most of his teammates don't, is passion and concentration and focus. He takes his game seriously and he's will do exactly what he's supposed to. When his entire team ran to the outfield to chase a ball, Jackson was the lone member who stood in his infield position because the coach told him too. While the other boys might spin in circles or throw dirt, Jackson will get down and ready-- he is watching the ball. That being said, he can get very upset when he doesn't get the opportunity to do what he has been told to do (like if the ball doesn't come to him for an entire inning).

Jackson wants to practice almost everyday and he just loves playing! And as long as he loves playing, we'll sign him up!

The boys get a little bit of practice before the game

 Down and ready!

At the first couple of games-- each play looked a little like this. But in tonight's game-- the boys all did a great job of keeping their own positions!

First baseman!

Throwing it home! If Jackson had a baseball card, this would be the picture!!

Another throw home-- he got some air! 

Practicing in the batter's circle. My sister asked him to smile and he said, "No, I have hard work to do!" Like I said, he is pretty serious about his game. 

Pep talk from little sis!

Belle deserves a picture in here too!

And it's a hit!

Running to third-- he's even smiling as he's running!

Almost home!

The "good-game" line up-- so cute!!!

All games are finished up with a big "Go team!!"

Well, they actually officially finish with some sort of juice and/or popsicle. :) There are still several more games in the upcoming weeks! I just love watching Jackson having so much fun!


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